Are xQc and Nyyxxii Still Together? The Streamer Couple Spark Breakup Rumors

Popular Twitch streamers xQc and Nyyxxii have sparked rumors of a possible breakup after the alleged couple purportedly unfollowed each other on social media.

Twitch star xQc broke up with long-term partner Adept in September 2022. Fans were first alerted to their split after the two unfollowed each other on social media before they broke out into an explosive argument mid-stream a short while later.

The former couple has since patched things up and are still amicable, leaving xQc free and looking for a new partner — and fans were convinced that he’d found one just two months later, after smooching popular UK streamer Nyyxxii in a November 1 Twitch broadcast.

The two first interacted on a dating show with fellow broadcasters Adin Ross and Kai Cenat, further fueling the flames of a possible romance as far as fans were concerned.

However, xQc was quick to quash any rumors of a relationship with her, saying in a subsequent stream: “I don’t have a girlfriend. I am not in a relationship. I have never said I had a new girlfriend. I have never said I have a new relationship.”

Instead, xQc said that he and Nyxxii were just casually dating. “It’s a girl… who I’m currently seeing, and dating. We’re going on dates,” he explained.

That didn’t seem to convince his fanbase, though, who had already labeled the streamers as an official couple in multiple videos and clips across the internet — on top of the fact that xQc claimed that they were going on dates.

xQc and Nyyxxii
xQc and Nyyxxii

xQc unfollows Nyyxxii on Twitter, sparking breakup rumors

Now, though, things are looking rocky for the two broadcasters after eagle-eyed viewers noticed that xQc unfollowed Nyyxxii on Twitter. It’s not looking like she follows him on the platform, either.

While neither of the influencers have commented on the matter at the time of writing, xQc has made it clear in the past that they’re just casually seeing each other for the time being, so it’s unclear exactly what’s going on between the two streamers.

This news comes after xQc blasted “degenerate” swatters who targeted his old homes.

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