How Old Is Trainwreckstv and Where Does He Live Now? Trainwreck Calls Pokimane “One Of The Most Corrupt” Figures On Twitch

During a private Discord call with Mizkif and Asmongold, Trainwreck claimed that Pokimane was the “one of the most corrupt” streamers on Twitch after she spoke poorly of Train on a call the day prior.

Following a feud on Twitter between Trainwreck and Mizkif, allegations came to light that claimed Mizkif had orchestrated cover-ups for various sexual assaults. The most notable is a situation involving Mizkif’s best friend CrazySlick and a female streamer named Adrianah Lee.

These allegations led to Trainwreck, Mizkif, Asmongold, and more joining a private Discord call in order to talk through what was being alleged. But Mizkif and Train also took time to air their beef with one another, as they have taken shots at each other over social media quite frequently.

Pokimane and Trainwreckstv

Trainwreck airs issues with Pokimane during leaked call

Toward the beginning of the leaked call between the streamer conglomerate, Train called out Mizkif for allegedly “destroying his character” on stream with Pokimane. However, Mizkif denied he was involved in the discussion, saying Pokimane was the one saying negative things about Train.

Mizkif said, “Poki went nuts on you. I did not. I literally was staying quiet that whole time.” This came after Mizkif claimed that Pokimane “goes harder” on Train than he does.

Amongold, acting as a mediator during the call, spoke up to say, “I don’t know why y’all collaborate with them. The second that you look bad, they will turn on you.”

This prompted Train to respond with, “No s**t. That’s what Poki does. Poki is one of the most corrupt figures on Twitch.” Train was then stopped by Miz and Asmon as they felt he was going on a tangent.

(Topic begins at 7:41:03)

Later in the conversation, Train claimed that Pokimane, Hasan, and Mizkif cater to an audience of people that “don’t want to take responsibility.”

Train stated, “When someone offers them up a scapegoat and they don’t want to take responsibility, because that’s a very rare trait in this world, you cater to them because it gives you the most money, attention, and clout.”

This led Mizkif to apologize. “I’m sorry. I hope you and I can have a clean slate. I don’t want problems. If you ever see or hear me saying anything from this point on s**ting on you… I am completely in the wrong, and I’m sorry.”


Where is Trainwreckstv living now? How old is Trainwreckstv?

Tyler Faraz “Trainwreckstv” Niknam is an Iranian-origin American streamer. He currently resides in Vancouver, Canada, although it is unknown whether his residence is temporary or permanent.

He is 31 years old and was born on December 20, 1990 in Austin, Texas, United States, however, other online sites claim he was born in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He graduated with a BA in analytic philosophy from Arizona State University in 2014. Other personal tidbits he freely shares include his height (6’1 / 185.42cm), body weight (~200 lbs / 90.7 kg), and favorite food (sushi).

The 31-year-old started his Twitch channel in 2014 and gained a lot of popularity from his Among Us streams, during which he collaborated and played with a myriad of other popular Twitch streamers.

Trainwreckstv has been served 2 suspensions on Twitch due to sexist rants that he had enacted on stream. He has lately been under heavy fire due to inadvertently promoting gambling while streaming his own gambling content. He is currently the #1 most watched Slots channel as well as the #5 most watched English channel all over Twitch.

Trainwreckstv’s real identity

Some of the biggest and best casino streamers prefer to keep a low profile during off hours and so keep their identity hidden. Like Roshtein and ClassyBeef, for example, we have no idea who they really are.

Trainwreckstv, however, is not like them. At all. In fact, he is very upfront about who he is, sharing a whole lot of personal details whenever the chance pops up. In fact, he’s so public and famous that he’s even got a detailed Wikipedia page written about him!

One of the biggest Stake streamers around these days is a guy called Trainwreckstv. If you’re a gamer, you might already know him from his original incarnation, streaming himself playing World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Halo back in the day.

But more recently, he’s made the move to a more adult gaming style, going pretty full force with crypto casino betting. While this has drawn some criticism – mainly that the audience he has built his reputation with is predominantly minors – many have loved watching him make the move.

In fact, his response to such critique makes perfect sense when you think about what he does. To paraphrase basically he says, instead of you gambling your hard-earned cash you get to watch him spend the money. Interestingly, this is actually his way of promoting safe gambling. Like he’s taking your place by taking on the risk, while you simply get to enjoy the pleasure and often at a far higher rate since he’s got a rather large and secure bankroll. This is certainly an intriguing spin and we think it’s legit since he does come across as a pretty good guy.

Trainwreckstv recently revealed on his Twitter account that he lost $2 million while gambling off-stream. Prior to that, he had won a $400k jackpot on a gambling site while streaming, and yet he was still $100k in the loss.

To continue gambling and allegedly circumvent the law, Trainwreckstv traveled to and is currently staying in Vancouver, Canada, doing his regular gambling streams there.

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