Sodapoppin’s Girlfriend Veibae: Who is Sodapoppins Dating Now?

Thomas Chance Morris, better known as Sodapoppin, is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber.

He has one of the largest followings on Twitch, with over 9 million followers and over 398.3 million views; he also has over 1.12 million subscribers and over 449 million views on YouTube; as of September 17, 2022.

His dating and love life became public after he revealed who he was in a relationship with. So who is Sodapoppin’s girlfriend now?

Sodapoppin and Veibae make public their relationship in January 2022.

Who is Sodapoppin’s girlfriend?

Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris and VShojo star ‘Veibae’ have been the “power couple” of Twitch of the last week. However, it’s Mizkif who is laying claim to their ‘relationship’, with the star streamer saying he’s the reason they “found love.”

On January 22, Soda dropped a massive hint that he’s in a relationship with Veibae, a popular VTuber signed with VShojo.

Veibae is a female English VTuber based in the UK. Initially an independent VTuber, she joined VShojo on 9 April 2021. She is a popular English VTuber in the Japanese VTuber community, having translated clips of her with up to 1,500,000 views. Her Twitch streams are marked as 18+ only.

However, not being one to endorse parasocial interactions with viewers, he brutally roasted a fan who wrote him a heartfelt message about it.

That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been enjoying spending time with his new love interest, though. The two have been playing games together non-stop for weeks now, and Miz believes it’s all thanks to him.

MIZKIF / SODAPOPPIN: Soda and Veibae have really hit it off since meeting on Mizkif’s show.

Mizkif explains how he’s the reason Sodapoppin “found love” with Veibae

“Dude, I found Chance love,” said Miz. “Chance met Vei on Parasocial, and then they started hanging out. They started hanging out on Discord calls all night. Then they started playing League of Legends all night.”

Since then, the two have been inseparable. For that reason, Miz believes he kindled the fire between them. “I actually got Chance a girlfriend. I did the impossible. I actually [made] someone have a relationship.”

After enjoying his time playing Cupid, Miz also flirted with the idea of helping others find love by hosting a dating show.

After pausing to think about it for a moment though, he changed his mind, claiming it would be too much work.

“A dating show sounds stressful. I don’t want to do that. We already have enough coomer content. Do we really need a dating show on top of that?”

Speaking about Sodapoppin, he has shut down a theory that GreekGodx is playing a character.

While on the Hatewatchers podcast hosted on DKane’s Twitch channel, Sodapoppin shut down the theory that GreekGodx’s radical takes are a part of a character he plays for stream.

Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris was the first guest to appear on the new Hatewatchers podcast hosted by streamers DKane and RazorATX. During the two-hour episode, Sodapoppin dived into what it’s like being one of Twitch’s largest long-time streamers.

RazorATX brought up the topic of GreekGodx asking Sodapoppin for his opinions. “All this stuff with Greek. He kind of took this Andrew Tate route… Do you think it’s real? Do you think it’s an act?”

Soda paused before answering. “It’s unfortunately sad and real, I think. There’s things that Greek has said and done in my opinion that could justify him being dumb enough to think that doing all of this fake is good.

“If he were to be faking all of these weird takes – the way he is- he’d be doing it because it’d be beneficial to him. But it’s not. I could see a world where he’s so dumb that he just doesn’t put together that it’s not working, but I don’t think that’s the case.”

Soda and Greek were friends for a long time before Greek began this new arch as a streamer which prompted Razor to ask if the two still talked. Soda delivered a swift “no” before diving into a story of the last time the two “communicated”.

Chance explained that, when Greek left their group, they had kicked him off of the phone plan. However, Greek had reached out to ask for help getting his phone working again. Soda decided to be an adult and help Greek, only to later find out he was not actually talking to Greek.

“He actually got someone else to pretend to be him to talk to me to help fix his phone, and I didn’t know that I wasn’t talking to him,” Soda shared.

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