What Happened To MattDamnit? Twitch Streamer Reportedly Shoots Home Invader During Live Stream

On October 23, a Twitch streamer MattDamnit playing League of Legends rushed away from their PC to confront a home invader, whom he then reportedly shot.

A number of unsettling and scary moments have been captured on Twitch via live streams. These include Dr Disrespect’s house being shot at, IRL streamers being chased or beaten by strangers, and numerous personalities being the victim of swatters.

Streaming can be a dangerous hobby, and Twitch streamer MattDamnit reportedly experienced a life-or-death situation while playing a game of League of Legends.

MattDamnit reportedly shoots home invader while live on Twitch

On October 23, MattDamnit would go live on Twitch to play LoL. However, he would dash away from his stream a mere 8 1/2 minutes in after hearing someone enter their home off-camera.

Viewers could hear the streamer tell someone to “get the f**k out of here” before the first supposed gunshot was fired. Four more shots would be fired off in quick succession a few moments after that, followed by a woman’s voice ordering someone to stay inside the house before making a phone call to the police.

Police sirens can be heard at around 18 minutes into the stream and muffled chatter can be heard in the background for the remainder of the broadcast. After an hour and a half, Matt would return to his stream but would be cut off mid-sentence as the broadcast came to an abrupt end. (watch the Twitch stream here)

At the time of reporting, MattDamnit has not gone live on Twitch or posted an update to his Twitter or Instagram. The exact details of the incident are unclear but we will continue to update this story as it develops.

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