What Happened To Reydempto? IRL Twitch Streamer Attacked On The Streets Of Amsterdam

IRL Twitch streamer Reydempto was exploring the streets of Amsterdam when a group of boys started following and harassing him before kicking and hitting the streamer and his equipment.

On October 22, IRL Twitch streamer Reydempto took his viewers on a late-night adventure through the streets of Amsterdam. With the stream title “Big Raves Tonight,” Rey hopped on his bike and headed to The Melkweg where the band ‘Goldfish’ was set to play.

After taking his stream backstage and enjoying a few minutes of EDM, Rey left the concert due to spotty connection issues and his inability to interact with chat. But while he was headed to the second event of the night, a group of six young boys ran up to the streamer.

Three of the boys began shouting into the camera and bumping the streamer causing him to spill his beer on himself. A few moments later, one of the boys tried to swat Rey’s beer out of his hand and the streamer poured the drink onto the boy’s jacket in retaliation.


Twitch streamer harassed by a group of teens

Rey then collected himself and walked away from the group, but the boys continued to follow him. He repeatedly told them to “go the f*ck away” but they refused to listen, and one of them even struck the camera. (watch the Twitch steamer part 1 here)

“These kids are past their bedtime and they’re definitely underage drinking,” Rey told his viewers. “As soon as I see a cop, I’m sending them over there.”

But Rey wasn’t able to find a police officer before a group of adults stepped in to help diffuse the situation. However, the man who tried to mediate the situation became aggressive with Rey a short way into the encounter.

The man started shouting at Rey while the boys threw alcohol at him and kicked his bike. The man threatened to break the streamer’s camera, and Rey repeatedly told the group that their actions were being live-streamed.

While attempting to leave, the boys returned and continued to throw alcohol at Rey while kicking the streamer and his bike. (watch the Twitch stream here)

Rey was eventually able to get on his bike and ride away from the angered group and was able to make it to the next venue safely. He later told his viewers that they were just a bunch of kids who had too much to drink and became overly aggressive.