Addison Rae’s Boyfriend: Who Is Addison Rae Dating Now?

Addison Rae fans are always interested in what’s happening in the TikTok star’s dating life — so, who is she in a relationship with right now? Here’s everything you need to know.

Addison Rae is one of TikTok’s biggest successes. At 88 million followers she is the fourth most followed person on the entire app, and she has gone on to launch a makeup line, an acting career, and even a music career.

A key point of interest for fans of Addison has been her love life. For a long time, many watched as she went through the ups and downs of her on-and-off relationship with Bryce Hall.

Bryce and Addison confirmed they were dating in late 2020.

However, in March 2021, Addison revealed to the paparazzi that they were no longer together. In a YouTube video explaining the breakup, Bryce said they had actually broken up a month prior, saying: “Both of us are going through a ****ton of things right now behind the scenes that we don’t want necessarily comfortably want to talk about to a camera, especially. With all that stress, we mutually decided that it would be best to part ways.”

Addison Rae shuts down rumors

Not long after their breakup, fans were already speculating over who Addison could have been seeing now she was no longer with Bryce, which ended up in some pretty bizarre rumors.

Some thought that the star could be secretly dating YouTube Logan Paul after she was spotted playing volleyball with him, as well as liking and then unliking some of his Instagram posts.

Logan explained that Addison is “just a friend.”

However, both Addison and Logan denied that there was anything going on between them maintaining that they’re just friends.

Even the Kardashian family were curious about Addison’s love life, telling the TikToker that they thought she and Kourtney were “hooking up” due to their close friendship in an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But Addison firmly shut down that assumption too.

Who is Addison Rae dating now?

Addison is currently dating guitarist Omer Fedi. Rumors first started about the pair in June 2021 after they were spotted at an MGK pop-up concert, but fans became even more invested on July 30 when she posted a video of two shadows embracing each other to her Instagram story.

Shortly after, Omer posted the same video to his own story, leading many to believe that the two shadows in the video could be them.

Addison Rae and Omer
Rumors about Addison and Omer first began in June 2021.

Some claimed they thought Omer was a “downgrade” from Bryce Hall, however, Addison was caught liking and quickly unliking a tweet saying, “she started nothing and is enjoying life and love,” and telling people to “leave her alone.”

Then on August 5, Addison’s mom Sheri Easterling posted a comment that seemed to confirm the two are romantically involved. “He’s truly a wonderful amazing person and he makes her soul shine. Love him,” she wrote.

Omer officially confirmed that the pair are a couple in late August 2021 after posting an Instagram story talking about Addison’s movie ‘He’s All That.”

They appear to have been together ever since, and Addison has defended her boyfriend online on multiple occasions. They have posted together as recently as August 2022, so it seems that the couple is still going strong, much to the delight of many fans.

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