Which Prison Is Alex Murdaugh Serving His Life Sentence Jail Term? His Mugshot Is Going Viral

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty and was sentenced to life in prison by Jugde Clifton Newman. Where will Alex Murdaugh go to Prison following his Life Sentences?

The trial of Alex Murdaugh has come to a close, and after three hours of deliberation, the former lawyer was found guilty of the murders of his wife Maggie, and youngest son Paul. Alex has since received two life sentences without the possibility of parole, and will likely have more years added on due to charges of financial fraud.

Following sentencing, a new mugshot of Alex became public, in which he is wearing a yellow jumpsuit with a newly shaved head. Social media erupted after the photo was released, but law officials confirmed to TMZ that it was standard operating practice.

Now that official conviction preparations have begun, it is time for Alex to get comfy in where he will be spending the rest of his life behind bars. So where is that?

So, where will Alex Murdaugh will go to prison?

Alex Murdaugh in court

Prior to the trial, Alex had been in jail in South Carolina after a judge requested he be held without bail. After receiving his sentence, his official remand began the moment they shaved off his hair and changed his jumpsuit.

Before he can move to a permanent prison, Alex must stay at the Kirkland Correctional Facility in South Carolina and undergo several tests. The facility will also be getting more background information on him, but it is unclear what parts of Alex’s background they’ll request.

When will Alex Murdaugh go to prison?

The South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) released a document confirming all that will be happening, explaining that Alex will be receiving the same treatment others would in South Carolina. “Like all inmates he will undergo medical tests, mental health and education assessments, and SCDC will gather other additional background information,” confirmed officials.

Officials also confirmed that Alex will be transferred to a maximum security prison in 45 days following his test results, “like all new inmates serving life sentences.”

There are several possibilities as to what prison Alex Murdaugh could be sent to.

Alex is expected to serve his sentence in a maximum-security prison in the Palmetto State. Some of the possible prisons he may wind up include the Broad River Correctional Institution or Broad River Secure Facility in Columbia, the McCormick Correctional Institution in McCormick, the Perry Correctional Institution in Pelzer, the Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville — or he may remain at Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia, per the Independent.

As of this publication, the testing process is only in its early stages, and Alex will remain at Kirkland until all is completed. He is also awaiting trials regarding his cases of fraud and embezzlement, and it is unclear if these trials will play a role in where he will be located.

One of Alex’s only supporters left is his eldest son Buster Murdaugh, who had no emotion following the court verdict and his father’s sentencing. However, one of Alex’s final actions before being led away after his sentencing according to the Independent was turning to Buster and mouthing “it’s okay.”

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