How Many Children Does Alexis Bellino Have? Her Son Is A Transgender – Meet Her Kids With Her Ex-Husband Jim

Who are Alexis Bellino’s children? The ‘RHOC‘ alum has announced that her 15-year-old son, Miles, is transgender.

Bravolebrity Alexis Bellino, from The Real Housewives of Orange County and Below Deck, is being given flowers for being an awesome parent.

Although Alexis bid RHOC farewell before Season 9, the actress has always been very open about sharing her life with her children. In fact, fans can get a sense of how devoted Alexis is to her children via numerous posts about her brood on social media.

Now, Alexis has given fans an update online about her son, 15-year-old Miles, who has decided to transition. And fans, of course, want to know all about Alexis’s family. So, how many kids does Alexis Bellino have? Here’s the 4-1-1.

Alexis Bellino

Alexis Bellino announced that her son, Miles, is transgender.

Allyship and support are of the utmost importance. On Oct. 25, 2022, Alexis took to Instagram to share that her son, 15-year-old Miles, has made his transition.

“I had stopped posting for the past few months due to this transition in Miles’ life, but he’s now ready to ‘come out’ and to use this platform to stop any hate or questions,” Alexis wrote. “I refused him for a while, but now I know Miles truly wants this. He’s tired of the misgendering and confusion people have, so we are setting the record straight and hopefully bringing clarity.”

Alexis went on to share that Miles came out to her around 16 months ago, and she showered him with support and love.

“I cannot imagine the strength and courage it took for my baby to do this, but I’m extremely proud of him and I want everyone to understand that love doesn’t change in these situations,” Alexis said.

The actress shared that Miles decided to keep his identity private for a while, but has finally decided to share it with the world.

“My son has now flourished,” Alexis proclaimed. “My son now smiles naturally for the first time in years!”

Thankfully, both Alexis and Miles have received an outpouring of support from fans and fellow Housewives.

“So brave and amazing. We love you both,” RHOC’s Heather Dubrow commented.

“I’m so proud of you Miles and I love you so much. I love watching your journey and I am always here, your favorite aunt, and you are always my fav as you saved yourself In my phone. I LOVE UUUUUU AND I LOVE YOU @alexis_bellino SO MUCH,” entrepreneur Heather Marianna wrote.

Miles, James, Mackenna, and Alexis Bellino
Miles, James, Mackenna, and Alexis Bellino

Alexis Bellino has three children whom she shares with her ex-husband Jim Bellino.

Fans who are familiar with RHOC are likely familiar with Alexis’s three children, who made appearances in the series.

Alexis shares her children — James (born in 2007) and twins Miles and Mackenna (born in 2008) — with ex-husband Jim Bellino.

If you or someone you know is a member of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning community and need support, the LGBT National Help Center provides free and confidential resources.

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