What Happened To Ali Spice? Cause Of Death and Net Worth Of The TikTok Star

21-year-old TikTok influencer Ali Spice has died following a car accident – Details on her death and net worth.

Tributes are pouring in online following the news that TikTok influencer Ali Spice has died at just 21.

As news of her death began to spread online, many naturally wanted to know more about what happened, including whether a cause of death had been released along with the confirmation of her death.

ali spice
Ali Spice.

What was TikTok influencer Ali Spice’s cause of death?

Ali died in a car accident in Florida on Dec. 12. The news of her death was confirmed by a friend on Instagram, but additional details about the accident are still pretty scarce. Police have yet to offer any clarification on the incident, and it’s unclear whether anyone else was hurt or killed during the crash. For now, fans will have to mourn the Georgia-based influencer without a full understanding of what happened.

“Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now … Ali, you are one of the most vibrant, beautiful inside and out, genuine, loving souls I’ve had the privilege of knowing,” fellow influencer Ariane Avandi wrote in a post on Instagram. “You are an amazing friend and incredibly talented and passionate woman. I will never forget the impact you made on my life and everyone’s for just being you! You always uplift others and bring genuine joy into everyone’s life.”

“Can’t believe this, honestly. We shared the same Hooter birthday, both Scorpios who are obsessed with Hello Kitty, pink, and cats,” wrote another friend, Laine Farrell. “You JUST turned 21. Life is crazy.”

She added, “Even though I am completely devastated right now, every single memory I have of us makes me smile and laugh. Earth lost a real-life angel … rest in peace. I love you so f–king much.”

Ali often posted about life as a Hooters waitress.

Ali Spice, whose real name was Ali Durin, was known to her almost 1 million TikTok followers for posting regularly about what life was like for a waitress at Hooters.

She received her most significant brush with broader fame in January of this year when she posted a video complaining about the small tips she received while working a recent shift.

The video came under fire after Ali explained the huge disparity between the amount of money she was tipped from different customers. While some were sympathetic and urged their fellow patrons to tip better, plenty of others thought that she was complaining when she should have been grateful.

Of course, in a system where many servers rely on their tips to make up for below-minimum-wage salaries, Ali definitely had some grounds for being concerned when she isn’t tipped well. The video was the influencer’s largest, and it definitely divided people across the internet.

In addition to TikTok, Ali was also active on Twitch and Instagram, where she posted photos on a regular basis. Ali’s death is certainly a tragedy, and doubly so for those who knew her either in person or online and developed a relationship with her one way or another.

Regarding Ali Spice’s net worth, the TikTok star’s financial details are not known yet.

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