How Did Amouranth Make Her Money? The Twitch Millionaire Shares Her Secret

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has revealed the “secret” of how she managed to become so successful as a streamer.

Amouranth is sitting on top of the streaming throne as the most-watched female content creator on any platform, but it was a journey to get there.

The 28-year-old hot tub streamer has made a fortune from OnlyFans and some wild business decisions such as buying multiple 7-Eleven gas stations for millions of dollars, but wise investments aren’t the only trick up her sleeve.

In a series of posts, Siragusa decided to finally reveal how she got to where she is and the answer might come as a bit of a surprise.


Amouranth explains the “secret sauce” to her success

Amouranth, real-name Kaitlyn Sirigusa, has become a high-profile property investor at the same time as achieving success on both Twitch and OnlyFans. These are the avenues she makes her money making her a multi-millionaire at age 28.

In a thread on Twitter, Amouranth reminisced a time when someone asked her what her secret to success was and how they didn’t believe her.

“If you’re not extraordinarily talented or smart, put in extraordinary hours,” she recalled saying, to which the man reportedly replied, “come on, everyone works hard.”

For the Twitch icon, however, there are levels to working and not all are equal, as she went on to describe.

“If you can’t tell that some in your field are smarter, more talented, or work longer hours, then you’re like the inverse of the poker analogy,” she said, attaching a popular poker quote about being a ‘patsy’ at the table.

“If you’ve been doing a thing for a while and you can’t tell that some are more talented, smarter or work harder, longer… then it’s not you.”

While she added that she doesn’t feel she’s more intelligent or talented, she is effective with her time and noted how hiring people can boost that efficiency.

“If I hire an assistant, or a team of staff, almost assuredly I’m putting more hours into my endeavor than someone who’s not,” she explained. “As long as they are reasonably intelligent hours you’re overwhelming the ‘competition’ with LITERALLY more hours in the day.”

Amouranth’s strategy may not be what people wanted to hear if they’re looking for an easy way to get rich quickly, but the tactics have definitely worked well for Siragusa so far in her career.

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