What Is Ashley Marti’s Net Worth? The Below Deck Cast Star Makes More Money On OnlyFans

Ashley Marti has moved on from Below Deck Sailing Yacht, after appearing on Bravo’s show, and says she’s now making more money these days on OnlyFans.

Marti became a viral sensation during Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3, becoming a drama magnet not just on the high seas, but also on social media.

While many fans are looking forward to Season 4, with the show renewed by Bravo, there is one bombshell from the previous cast that they shouldn’t expect to reappear.

Here, we’re going to run through what happened to Ashley from Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and what she does now.

What happened to Ashley Marti from Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Ashley Marti was featured on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, most recently in Season 3, before leaving the show.

The New Yorker did not reappear for the show’s reunion either, after a controversial charter season on BDSY.

She was one of the most divisive stews, with viewers calling her spiteful for some decisions made during charter season. Marti hooked up with Tom Pearson and was in a love triangle of sorts, with Tom and Gary King. Tom was fired after being too distracted to do his job as a deckhand, so she later pursued Gary again after a previous rejection.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans also accused Ashley of sexually assaulting Gary, but he said it was made to look “bigger than it actually was” in the show’s reunion. He also said it was a mistake to hook up with her on the show.

“I appreciate everybody standing up for me but I have a voice of my own and I would use it if I was assaulted,” he concluded.

Since Season 3, Ashley has quit the show and has started to create content on OnlyFans.

Ashley now making “more money” on OF after Below Deck

In June 2022, Ashley Marti took to Twitter to thank Bravo for mentioning her OnlyFans channel, calling it “free OF publicity” in a post.

“I love waking up and seeing that in a couple of hours, I’ve made more money than Bravo paid me for six weeks.”

OnlyFans subscribers are asked to pay $12 per month for a membership, and access, to her content on the platform. On top of that, Ashley also has a Patreon page for tips, charging for those as well.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers may be wondering if this explosive character would ever return to the show, but it seems highly unlikely.

Source: Instagram

How much is Ashley Marti’s net worth?

According to News Unzip, Ashley Marti has accumulated an estimated net worth of over $1.5 million. Another source suggests she makes a salary of around $70,000 to $125,000.

The majority of her fortune/money come from her OnlyFans account as she has revealed that she made much more money in hours than she was paid by Bravo.

She has worked at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood since October 2019. She also served at E11EVEN MIAMI, where she worked as a server.

Marti also served the pool at RMG Staffing, hwere she worked. Marti is focusing on both her job making cocktail ad her job on Tv at the moment with much attention on her OnlyFans acount which she earn much from.