How Rich Is Carson Daly? ‘TRL’ Alum Carson Daly’s Net Worth, Salary, Forbes Fortune, Income, and More

‘TRL’ alum Carson Daly is worth way more money than everyone thought – How big is his fortune today?

Carson Daly first became known for his role on TRL, which means he’s been on the small screen for quite some time now. It’s assumed that his two big TV gigs have earned him quite a slew of money over the years, which is why fans are curious to know the TV personality’s net worth. So, how much is Carson Daly actually worthScroll down to find out!

How much is Carson Daly worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Carson is worth a whopping $40 million. The website also reported that he earns an impressive salary of $10 million per year, with $5 million coming from hosting The Voice and another $5 million coming from hosting Today.

So, how did Carson Daly make all of his money?

Carson has been on television for over two decades, so his high net worth isn’t totally surprising. Since he kicked off his career in the ’90s, Carson has wracked up earnings with his gigs hosting different music award shows on MTV, hosting New Year’s Eve specials, Total Request LiveWeekend TodayLast Call With Carson Daly, Today, and The Voice, just to name a few.

That’s quite the resume if you ask us!

How old is Carson Daly?

Carson Daly was born on June 22, 1973, so that makes him 49 years old today. An impressive age to be worth so much money!

carson daly

Is Carson Daly married?

Yes. Carson Daly married his wife, food blogger, Siri Pinter, who is in her late 30s, in December 2015 after previously getting engaged in 2013. 

But no one could forget how the TV host was engaged to Tara Reid in 2000 before calling it off the next year.

Does Carson Daly have kids?

Carson is a proud dad to three kids, son Jackson, 10, daughter Etta, 7, and daughter London, 5. In late September, it was revealed that Carson and Siri were expectingtheir baby number four and she arrived in March 2020. Their fourth child, a daughter called Goldie Patricia Daly is 2 years old.

Where is Carson Daly from?

Carson was born in Santa Monica, Calif., which is where he grew up. He now allegedly resides both in Santa Monica and Long Island, N.Y.

Is Carson Daly in good health?

Yes, but last year, he revealed that he suffers from a generalized anxiety disorder. “My anxiety and happiness are closely correlated, they’re just on opposite sort of paths,” he explained at the time. “So I’m a little sensitive to being nervous on one side, but also I get great joy and great happiness from certain sources and that’s an incredible experience.” 

And even though Carson has a lot of money and is very successful, he still has to work to balance everything just like everyone else. “I find happiness every day in my family,” Carson shared. “I feel like when I see them, no matter what’s going on in my professional life or anywhere else, what’s really at the core of everything for me is drawing inspiration and being happy for my family.” What an inspiration!

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