Crumbletumble00: TikToker Creates Spreadsheet To Track Progress Of all The Men She’s Dating

A TikToker went viral after sharing a detailed Excel spreadsheet she created to track the progress of all the men she’s dating.

Emily, who posts on TikTok under the handle crumbletumble00, shared a video of her “Dating Tracker,” which included notes and photos of her love interests.

“How do you keep track of all the men you are talking to Emily?” she asked in the viral clip, before showing the massive spreadsheet on her computer.

In another video, she offered a closer look at the color-coded Excel sheet, which had checkable box columns. The columns detailed which stage the relationship was at, from “New to the mix,” “It’s over,” all the way to “WE MADE IT!”

The detailed spreadsheet also featured notes and stats for each date, including name, “insider nickname,” phone number, photo, age, and profession. 

A red tab on the Excel sheet is used to keep track of her “No’s,” all of the guys she’s rejected, while an orange tab keeps track of those that are “Just Friends.”

Emily explained that if she met up with a potential match, she’d use the spreadsheet to document how their date went, with detailed notes on where it took place and what she liked or didn’t like. 

TikTok reacts to woman’s dating spreadsheet

Many TikTok users took to the comments to share how impressed they were with Emily’s spreadsheet skills.

“Bestie you are missing out on a million-dollar career in project management with these excel skills,” one wrote.

“I need to get back into dating just so I can use this sheet,” another added.

“I can’t even get a text back, let alone make a whole spreadsheet for multiple people,” someone joked.

Others were confused as to why the TikToker would need a dating spreadsheet.

“Uhm why do you need this though? Talking to that many people you’re getting confused?” one asked, to which Emily replied that she is “VERY forgetful, so it helps keep basic sh*t straight.”

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