Does Mariah Carey Lip-Sync During Her Performances? Curious Fans Want To Know

Mariah Carey’s Live Performances Have Some Convinced That She Lip-Syncs.

It goes without saying at this point that Mariah Carey is one of the most successful solo singers in the history of modern pop music. However, for years she has been facing allegations that her live performances aren’t exactly all that live. Indeed, many listeners have accused the singer of lip-syncing on different occasions, a claim that has marred some other huge stars including Beyoncé and Ashlee Simpson throughout their respective careers.

So, does Mariah actually lip-sync when she’s performing live? Furthermore, does she have a history of doing this? Keep reading for all of the known details surrounding how Mariah approaches her “live” performances.

Mariah Carey

Does Mariah Carey lip-sync when performing live?

When Mariah took to television for her 2022 Christmas special, millions of fans worldwide were elated to see the award-winning performer belt out some of her biggest holiday classics. However, some weren’t convinced that Mariah was actually singing the songs live during the show.

“They let Mariah Carey do this Christmas Special just to lip sync the whole time? Tf,” wrote one user on Twitter.

“This @MariahCarey #Christmas special … not impressed #lipsync #notsogood,” chimed in another.

So, what gives? Did Mariah actually sing her songs live during the 2022 Christmas special? Well, as of the time of writing, neither the singer nor her representation have commented on the accusations. However, some intrepid users online came quickly to Mariah’s defense to point out that she did indeed perform all of her songs live.

“I was at @MariahCarey’s #MerryChristmasToAll concert at the 12/16 show. She was PERFECTION. I can 100% attest that she didn’t lip-sync the hits medley like the haters say. She DID THAT LIVE Me and everyone around me in my section were all BLOWN AWAY,” wrote one Mariah defender on Twitter.

“You can hear the distinct vocal shifts; it’s not lip sync even though the haters wanna hate. This was live!” Added another fan to defend the singer.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has been accused of lip-syncing in the past.

Mariah’s 2022 Christmas special isn’t the first instance that the singer has been accused of lip-syncing. During the 2022 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, some fans thought that Mariah wasn’t actually singing live either.

“Can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t even lip sync correctly. Mariah Carey is just an animatronic at this point,” wrote a user on Twitter, alongside a clip of Mariah performing at the parade.

In 2018, some listeners accused Mariah of lip-syncing during a performance at the AMAs.

“Just so we are clear Mariah Carey Is Lip Singing #AMAs,” wrote one user at the time.

Then again back in 2016, per The Hollywood Reporter, Mariah dealt with an on-stage flub when her in-ear monitor gave out during a New Year’s performance and caused her to unintentionally reveal that she was lip-syncing.

Even if Mariah’s 2022 Christmas performance was genuine, it has been made abundantly clear over the years that some fans can’t seem to shake the belief that she isn’t always singing live. With the artist hesitant to confirm or deny the rumors beyond the aforementioned 2016 admission, it seems as though only time (and the watchful eyes of fans) will tell if Mariah is actually belting out her classic tracks when she performs or not.

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