Ella Scott: 8-Year-Old Boy’s Family Holds Gender Reveal After Changing His Gender To A Female

“No longer felt like a boy inside” Ella Scott, 8, tells his Canadian family as they hold a gender reveal party to change his identity to a girl.

A Canadian family is making headlines after hosting a gender reveal for their eight-year-old daughter after she told them she no longer felt like a boy inside.

According to Daily Mail, Ella Scott, eight, from Ontario, was born male but always felt like a girl inside. She told her family two years ago at the age of six that she felt different.

Ella Scott
Ella Scott as a boy playing with a frozen toy.

Initially, her mother Nikki, 38, and dad Graham, 39, thought Ella might be going through a phase. However, after time passed the parents began to take it seriously and decided to host a gender reveal to announce her new journey to their family.

‘We always knew she was a little different, when she was little as she was always friends with girls and played with Frozen toys,’ her mother said. ‘I have two other children, Ella’s brothers, who play rough but Ella never wanted to join in.’

Ella Scott as a girl

Nikki admitted that she started showing Ella books about trans people which eventually prompted her to say she didn’t feel like a boy inside. Ella is said to be a “very happy girl with an upbeat character and has been throughout her journey.’

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