Maye Musk’s Diet: What does Maye Musk Eat And How Did She Lose Weight? How Tall Is Maye Musk?

Want to know about Maye Musk’s diet? How much does Maye Musk weigh? The oldest CoverGirl model lost close to 200 pounds following the strong nutrition, diet tips, and exercise which keeps her young even at age 74. Read on to find out more.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known for his visionary thinking and controversial tweets, but few know about his mother, Maye, whose career as a fashion model and nutritionist makes her a star in her own right.

Maye Musk, 72, has been a model for 50 years. She has a business as a dietician and is a mother to three children; Elon, Kimbal, and Tosca.

Maye Musk has been modeling for decades, but her career reached new heights when grandma hit 60.

Here’s what we know about the silver-haired catwalk queen and her famous family, what she eats, and more about her weight loss journey.

Maye Musk's diet

Who is Maye Musk?

Maye Musk’s age this year is 73 years. She was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, on 19th April 1948. Meanwhile, her mother, Winnifred Josephine, died in 2012, and her dad, Joshua Norman Haldeman, passed away in 1974. He was a Canadian chiropractor and a political/professional leader

Haldeman moved his family from Canada to SA in 1950, when Maye was almost 3 years old. She has four siblings, Edith Lynne, Scott, Angkor Lee, and Kaye Rive.

Maye Musk captured the spotlight when she became the oldest woman to be featured on a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover in May 2022.

The 74-year-old supermodel was one of four cover models for the edition that included Kim Kardashian. Maye Musk has continually pushed boundaries in her career, from posing nude on the cover of New York Magazine in 2011 to becoming CoverGirl’s oldest spokesperson at the age of 69.

“If I thought I could be a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated, people would have locked me away as a crazy lady,” Maye Musk said in a video released by the magazine earlier this week. “I’m very excited to let people know that women in their 70s are gorgeous,” she added.

Maye Musk is often identified based on her role as the mother of Elon Musk, but she has been a celebrity in her own right for decades.

Long before her son became the richest man in the world, Maye Musk had already developed a prolific modeling career. She has appeared on the covers of multiple high-profile magazines, including Vogue and Time, played a role in a Beyonce music video, and been featured in numerous ads for anything from Revlon to Special K cereal.

Early life

Maye Musk has been modeling since she was 15 and was a finalist in the 1969 Miss South Africa beauty competition, but it wasn’t until recent years that she could afford to take modeling gigs simply because she wanted to without answering to an agent.

That’s because she was hustling to raise three children as a single mother while earning two master’s degrees and establishing a career as a model, dietitian, and nutritionist.

Maye Musk married Errol Musk in 1970. The two went to high school together, according to her most recent book, “A Woman Makes A Plan.”

Elon Musk’s father is an engineer from South Africa, per a 2017 Rolling Stone profile. Maye Musk told Harper’s Bazaar in 2019 that their marriage quickly went downhill and described the relationship as abusive. Errol Musk told Rolling Stone that he has never intentionally hurt anyone, excluding one scenario where he said he shot and killed three people who illegally entered his house.

South African Errol Musk was visiting his son Kimbal Musk in Boulder, CO on Friday, March 28, 2014. Errol is the father of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Maye Musk became pregnant with Elon Musk during the couple’s honeymoon, she told Insider in a 2020 interview. Elon Musk is estranged from his father. He told Rolling Stone that his father is “a terrible human being.”

The two were married for nearly a decade. Maye Musk said in her book that she wanted to leave the relationship, but the Divorce Act, which legalized the termination of a marriage in South Africa, was not enacted until 1979. The couple was divorced the same year the law was passed.

How did Maye Musk lose weight?

Musk was at one point close to 200 pounds and worked as one of South Africa’s only plus-sized models. To lose weight, she implemented the nutrition and diet tips she taught her clients, putting a heavy emphasis on vegetables. She also times her meals carefully.

The single mum used her dietitian skills to give her kids cheap but nutritious meals. So, what does Musk eat? She is a flexitarian, meaning Maye Musk’s diet comprises fruit, vegetables, whole grains, healthy oils, and avocado.

What is Maye Musk’s height?

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall with blue eyes and grey hair. Maye earned her MSc degree in dietetics from SA’s University of the Orange Free State. She also went for modeling classes and later got another MSc degree in nutritional science from the University of Toronto in Canada.

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