What Is Eric Adams’s Net Worth Forbes? NYC Mayor Parties With KRS-One In Honor Of Hip-Hop’s 49th Anniversary

The mayor celebrated the the genre’s birthday in Union Square.

It seems like New York mayor Eric Adams can’t say no to a party. The man is constantly spotted at the Big Apple’s biggest events, and has dubbed himself New York’s first “hip-hop mayor.”

Mayor Adams attempted to further solidify this moniker on Thursday night, where he was seen rubbing shoulders with hip-hop icons while celebrating the 49th anniversary of the genre. The party was hosted by DJ Tony Touch, and saw some rap legends in attendance, including Kurtis Blow, KRS-One, and Kool DJ Red Alert.

Eric Adams
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According to a source who spoke to Page Six, “everybody was so happy and grateful to see [Adams] and mingle with him.” He made his way around the event, which was held at Toca’s Playhouse in Union Square, and seemed to be having a great time. “He was listening to people’s stories and everyone was expressing their gratitude of him,” said the Page Six source. “There was a lot of love in the room.”

Another source claimed that Adams’ partying lifestyle is actually in service of the city. “He knows where to be! Nightlife is part of the recovery [of New York City] and he knows that. He knows where to be– and it’s not just places like Zero Bond,” they said.

When it comes to going to lots of parties, Adams might be NYC’s “hip-hop mayor,” but when it comes to defending actual rappers, he seems to be far from a friend to the community. When C-Blu was arrested in March and statements from the arresting officers ended up being “wholly discredited,” the hip-hop mayor was quick to defend the police.

What is Eric Adams’ net worth?

Eric Adams is an American politician and former law enforcement officer who served in the New York City Police department. Adams is the 110th mayor of New York City and the first African American to hold the position.

As of 2022, Eric Adams’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, according to Boss Net Worth.

Early Life & Biography

Eric Adams’s full name is Eric Leroy Adams was born on September 1, 1960, in Brownsville, Brooklyn one of six children. His father was a butcher and his mother worked as a house cleaner. Adams’s childhood was though he was raised in a rat-infested tenement in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and his family was so poor.

Adams joined a local gang called the 7-Crowns and he became known as “a tough little guy” because he was smart and only 14 years old. He graduated from Bayside High School in Queens in 1978 and received an associate degree from the New York City College of Technology, a B.A. from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and an M.P.A. from Marist College.

After a crime he committed with his brother the two were beaten by the New York police and sent to a juvenile detention center for a few days before being sentenced to probation. After this incident, Adams joined the police forces.

Career & Success Story

Policing Career

In 1984 Adams graduated second in his class from the New York City Police Academy. He served for 22 years and worked to change the culture of the police forces and stop the police brutality against the black community. 

Adams served as an escort for Mike Tyson when he was released from jail following his rape conviction in 1995. He co-founded 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, a group that focuses on fighting injustices between the African American community and their interactions with the New York City Police Department.

Political Career

Eric Adams’ ambitions to make New York a safe and better city didn’t stop at law enforcement. He started working to become the city mayor. In 2006, Adams ran for the New York State Senate and was elected and served four terms until 2013. He quickly became known for being a rabble-rouser in the State Senate, who could capture the attention of the media. 

In 2021, Adams became the mayor of New York City. He has argued against the defunding of the police movement.  

Who is Eric Admas’s wife and does he have children?

Eric Adams has never been married; he has a son named Jordan Coleman with his ex-girlfriendChrisena Coleman. His son Jordan graduated from American University and is a filmmaker and television actor.

Eric is now dating Tracey Collins, the Senior Youth Development Director for the New York City Department of Education.

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