How Rich Is Hillary Clinton? Bill’s Wife Hillary Clinton’s Net Worth, Salary, Income, Forbes Fortune, and More

What is Hillary Clinton’s net worth? In 2018, Bill Clinton admitted that he and Hillary left the White House in 2001 with over $16 million in debt – how much is her fortune today?

Since losing the 2016 Presidential election, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been keeping a pretty low profile. While her Twitter is active, she was noticeably absent from Rep. John Lewis’ funeral in July 2020 and combined with the coronavirus pandemic, her public appearances have been minimal. 

As of 2022, Hillary Clinton continues to reside in her Chappaqua home in upstate New York with her husband, Bill Clinton. This is just one of Hillary Clinton’s three luxury residencies.

Also, Hillary has added being a fiction author to her resume. Hillary reportedly co-wrote a thriller novel with author Louise Penny, known for her works The Cruelest Month and The Brutal Telling. She may have been inspired by her husband, who is also working with renowned author James Patterson on a follow-up to their cyber-thriller The President Is Missing.

Hillary’s book is titled State of Terror, and it “centers around a novice Secretary of State working in the administration of a rival politician who tries to solve a wave of terrorist attacks,” according to CNBC. Her first work of fiction was set to arrive in bookshops on Oct. 12, 2021. 

Supporters of the political icon are curious as to what her financial status is. So, how much is Hillary Clinton’s fortune now?

Hillary Clinton

What is Hillary Clinton’s net worth?

It’s public knowledge that Hillary Rodham Clinton owns three mansions, with one in the New York town of Chappaqua – home to some of the state’s most wealthy individuals. It’s also common knowledge that when Hillary and her former presidential husband Bill left the White House in 2001, they were in an incredible amount of debt. So how did Hillary Clinton come to have a net worth estimated at $120 million? The story of how Hillary made her millions is full of ups and downs, as well as her fair share of controversies.

How Did Hillary Clinton Make Her Millions?

Despite making it clear that her life’s goal was to become the first female president of the United States, it seems like Hillary Clinton achieved many other things instead, ending up with a net worth of $120 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

One of the memories of Hillary involves her conceding the 2016 presidency to Donald Trump and receding from the spotlight momentarily. However, she came back fighting with her 2017 memoir about the controversial and divisive presidential bid entitled ‘What Happened.’ With almost half of the country voting for Hillary in 2016 and many very publicly vocalizing confusion and frustration over what went wrong, the book was highly anticipated among Democrats and consequently sold over 300,000 copies in the first week. 

The publisher even had to send it back to press three different times to produce more copies. And as she accompanied the book’s release with a nationwide tour, it’s easy to imagine the impressive profit that ended up in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bank account.

Yet, Hillary hasn’t always been so financially successful. She and her husband Bill began their careers with good but modest salaries in their respective professions in government and in law. Furthermore, their ambitions to increase their wealth often ended up getting them in trouble.

Between leaving the White House in 2001 and erasing their $16 million in debt in 2004, the Clintons made sure the work didn’t stop when they ended their time as president and first lady of the United States. In fact, by the time Hillary was running for president in 2016, her net worth was estimated at $45 million. So, how did the Clintons manage to get out of such a large amount of debt and have a multi-million dollar net worth again?

Hillary’s sources of revenue range from Lucrative book deals to paid speeches, just to mention a few.

Unlike Bill, Hillary didn’t jump right into the paid speeches (although she would famously get involved later). Hillary spent her first year out of the White House accepting a book deal for her first memoir ‘Living History,’ receiving a $2.9 million installment of her $8 million advance. 

Bill also received a $10 million advance for his book ‘My Life.’ The controversial nature of the Clintons’ time in the White House and their devout following from many on the left meant that these books were highly anticipated and delivered a huge payout to the Clinton family.

However, their time recovering their debt between 2001 and 2004 was just the beginning for both Clintons, as they went on to make a massive $153.7 million in paid speeches from 2001 to 2015.

In the first year, Bill Clinton was out of office, he committed to 57 speeches providing corporations and political organizations with business advice and insight into what it’s like surviving the high pressures as president of the United States. His speeches were said to cost between $125,000 to $350,000 per session, and he made $13.7 million in just one year.

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