Is Amy Robach Still On ‘GMA’ After Her Public Affair With Co-Host T.J. Holmes? Here’s What We Know

Amy Robach’s rumored affair with T.J. Holmes has some questioning her ‘GMA’ job.

A scandal has rocked the world of Good Morning America following reports that GMA3: What You Need to Know anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes may be having an affair. The hosts, who are 49 and 45, respectively, have now gone private on social media after the Daily Mail published a video of the two of them loading up a car with suitcases in a wooded area of what appears to be upstate New York.

So, is Amy still on GMA? Keep reading for all the details on her career and rumored affair with her co-host. Let’s see what the future might look like for the GMA host.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes

Is Amy Robach still hosting ‘GMA?’

The publication of this video, which seems to suggest that the two are vacationing together, has led some to speculate that Amy and T.J. are having an affair and have been together for some time. This suspicion only got stronger after the two made their Instagram accounts private, which added more fuel to the fire. Now, some are wondering whether Amy and T.J. will keep their roles on GMA.

T.J. first joined Amy as one of the co-hosts of GMA3 in 2020, and since then, the two have covered a number of events together and even ran the New York City half-marathon. This kind of workplace relationship can certainly be tricky to navigate, and it’s unclear at this time how aware the show’s producers were of the relationship between the two co-hosts.

For now, at least, it seems that both T.J. and Amy still have their jobs, although that could certainly change in the days ahead. Both T.J. and Amy are married, but having an affair isn’t a fireable offense. What matters much more is how careful they were in disclosing their relationship at work, and whether their relationship with the public may be sullied by the affair.

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