Is Brent Peterson Running For President In 2024? The TikTok Trend Explained 

Brent Peterson‘s Presidential run is one of the best things happening on TikTok.

If platforms like TikTok have taught us anything, it’s that things can go viral for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes, somebody does something really cool. Other times, virality seems to come almost out of the blue, or because of a particular kind of chaos that enough people find intriguing. In the case of Brent Peterson (whose account seems to be down at the moment), virality came almost entirely because of the chaos.

Brent Peterson is all over TikTok.

Brent Peterson has become a bit of a phenomenon on TikTok thanks to his fairly recent presence on the platform. He’s become known for stitches in which he encourages those watching to vote for him for president in the 2024 election. The videos seem to be shot on a pretty low-quality camera, and Brent also seems to be fond of the filters that TikTok offers and uses them on many of his videos.

Brent Peterson

Brent uploaded his first TikTok in August of this year, and since then, he’s gained a substantial following online. He’s so popular, in fact, that plenty of TikTok users have created fan edits based on his videos. It seems that if Brent did actually run for president, he would have a fairly significant amount of support. Naturally, then, many people wondered if he was actually planning to run.

Is Brent Peterson running for president?

Given his popularity, many people have naturally wondered whether Brent is serious about his plans to seek the presidency in 2024. The most likely explanation seems to be that Brent is joking about running for president and that his posts exist somewhere next to @dril in the absurd annals of online life. Brent may have plenty of support, but that doesn’t mean he’s got what it would take to actually become president.

Where did Brent Peterson come from?

It’s only natural to wonder where someone as hilarious and unusual as Brent came from, but it seems the answer to that question may remain a mystery. Not much is known about him, and he doesn’t exactly offer much of an explanation about who he is or where he’s coming from. The only thing he insists on over and over again is that he’s Brent Peterson, and he would like your vote for president in 2024.


Of course, the 2024 presidential election is still a few years away, and it’s unclear who the other candidates in that race will be. President Biden will be 81 years old, and there are already people out there wondering whether he’ll be too old to seek reelection. At the same time, Donald Trump is also making plenty of noise about the possibility that he’ll seek another term in office.

On top of that, you have figures like Ron Desantis angling toward a possible presidential run. Plenty of politicians want to be president, and now they can count Brent Peterson amongst them. He may not have a ton of support in Iowa, but if they were to hold a primary on TikTok, Brent would likely win it in a landslide.

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