What Did Jalen Rose Say About Larsa Pippen Dating Marcus Jordan?

Jalen Rose had an interesting take on the Larsa Pippen-Marcus Jordan relationship.

Jalen Rose is someone who is paid to comment on numerous happenings around the NBA. Furthermore, he is a former player. With this kind of experience, Rose is able to speak on things that a lot of other people can’t. Consequently, he also has an opinion on the personal lives of those connected with the league.

Jalen Rose Speaks On Jordan-Pippen

For instance, Rose has quite a bit of things to say about Larsa Pippenwho is dating Michael Jordan’s son Marcus. There is a 17-year-age gap here, and as Scottie’s ex-wife, Larsa used to be round Marcus quite a bit. In the eyes of Rose, this is bizarre as Marcus should be seen as more of a nephew, than anything else.

“Certain relationships used to be off limits,” Rose said. “And I, on paper, want everybody to be happy and to live their best life. But, the best thing I can say for her is she should see him as more of a nephew than a mate.”

This is one of those takes that is pretty hard to disagree with. At the end of the day, the optics are very strange, for everyone involved. Furthermore, Scottie is probably at home fuming at this whole thing. Overall, not a great situation to bear witness to.

Other fans feel the same, as Larsa and Marcus were interrupted at a football game yesterday. As you can see below, the fan yelled “Hey Larsa, that’s what you’re doing? You’re with the boy, Mike’s son? You a cold motherf***er, ain’t you! You’re cold as a motherf***er, homie.”

Despite all of these criticisms, Marcus and Pippen seem to be doing their thing. They continue to go out in public, and they don’t seem too worried about getting jeered again.