How Rich Is Jason Capital? Entrepreneur Jason Capital’s Net Worth, Salary, Fortune, Income, and More

What is Jason Capital‘s net worth? Entrepreneur Jason Capital earned $1 million with an online dating course.

Entrepreneur and social media star Jason Capital—real name Alex Maroko—says that he accrued a $1 million net worth by the age of 24. By 2018, his net worth expanded to $2 million. However, his path to financial success wasn’t a linear line.

Jason Capital is an online marketer, self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, and business consultant with an estimated net worth of $15 million dollars today.

As Maroko has explained in interviews and seminars, his career launched in fits and starts, and it took him a while to find his calling, which is helping “ordinary people replace rat-race life with laptop life,” according to his bio.

Alex Maroko had basketball ambitions at first.

According to Disrupt Magazine, Maroko started playing basketball at age 13 and soon dreamed of being a college basketball star. He didn’t make his high school basketball team, but he did play basketball in college and later started an online basketball course, as he explained in a YouTube video last year.

Jason Capital

“When I wanted to turn my passion into money, I thought, ‘Well, I’ve been training players for a long time. What if I create a course or something that can teach high school players how to dribble better?’ Because that was my thing,” he said.

According to Disrupt, Maroko made his first $20,000 by selling that course, and he started a new life for himself in San Diego.

Maroko started an online dating course teaching guys how to attract “better women.”

After a “fast lane” lifestyle in San Diego, Maroko ended up bankrupt and living in his mother’s basement, according to Disrupt. So, he started an online dating course, which is how he became a self-made millionaire by age 24, the magazine adds.

“I was dating coaching, and I teaching guys, just like [the Will Smith character] Hitch, how to attract better women, become more confident, [have] better relationships,” Maroko said in a 2019 interview with Sam Bakhtiar.

Maroko told Bakhtiar that he wanted to master the dating scene because being a virgin until age 20 was a “big pain point” for him. “And once I got good at it, it was like, ‘All right, well, I can monetize this, and I can help guys with this.’ So that was gonna be my next business from mom’s basement. So I started the dating business, and in less than nine months, I’m a millionaire [in] cash, and three years after that, I was named the No. 1 dating coach in the world for men.”

A $25,000 seminar with Dan Peña gave Maroko a “renewed sense of purpose.”

By 2016, Maroko’s dating course business was successful, but he was “partying too much” and feeling “lost,” as he told Bakhtiar. So, he paid $25,000 to attend a seminar in Scotland with business coach and self-described “Trillion Dollar Man” Dan Peña.

“He just yelled at all of us for eight days straight, and it was exactly what I needed,” Maroko added. “I came back to California, I wrote my book Higher Status, I switched from dating to personal development at the time, and I had a renewed sense of purpose.”

Now, Maroko is a “success trainer to millions,” as he says on LinkedIn, and a coach and consultant to Fortune 500 executives. His newest book is titled F—k Jobs: Just Get Rich Now – Confessions of an Ex-Boss Turned Self-Made Millionaire.

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