Jeffree Star Made “Millions” Selling Huge Collection Of Birkin Bags

YouTube star and makeup mogul Jeffree Star claims he made “millions” of dollars selling his massive collection of designer bags in Shane Dawson’s latest video.

In 2021, Jeffree Star sold his sprawling Hidden Hills mansion in favor of a 500-acre ranch in Wyoming, where he raises and sells yaks.

Star’s “palace” of a mansion was a thing of wonder; with eleven bedrooms, a huge pool, and a massive garage for his luxury sports cars, the YouTuber was initially ecstatic to move into a new place with his then-boyfriend, Nathan.

A huge part of Star’s elaborate home was his enormous collection of designer bags. The “vault” of handbags was sealed by a bulletproof door, complete with an elaborate combination lock and a fingerprint scanner.

According to Star, the bags were actually a good investment, as they appreciate in value over time.

By November 2022, Star is claiming that he sold “90%” of his bag collection — and made quite a fortune from them.

Jeffree Star says he was “disgusted” by lavish lifestyle prior to Yak Ranch

The YouTuber opened up about the subject during a vlog from bestie Shane Dawson, who flew from his new home in Colorado to Star Ranch in Wyoming to record a deep-dive in Star’s ‘retirement’ from the beauty scene.

“I moved really quickly into shedding things,” Star said. “Like, I don’t want 5,000 purses anymore. I think I projected that so loud, like ‘Hey, I came from nothing. You can really do it all, and I was so loud with it, where later I became disgusted with it all and didn’t want to be surrounded by all this materialistic shit.”

“I just made so much money off of selling so many purses,” he continued. “A lot of it I just wasn’t enjoying anymore and I didn’t care. I was like, ‘Wow, this little diamond bag I bought 5 years ago is now worth $300,000. It’s insane!”

That’s not all; Star claims he made “millions” of dollars from selling his Birkin bags alone.

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Now, Star is enjoying life on the ranch away from the glitz and glam of Hollywood — and without the burden of millions of dollars worth of designer bags, too.

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