JiDion Makes Lizzo Laugh while Proposing With Ring Pop During Concert

YouTube star JiDion ‘proposed’ to Lizzo during one of her recent concerts, getting a laugh out of the pop star — but he wasn’t allowed to stick around for long.

JiDion really, really likes Lizzo. We mean, really. The YouTuber has done just about everything in his power to get the singer’s attention: Everything from asking his fans to flood her social media to writing and performing a song all about her.

While there’s certainly still a wide chasm between A-List celebrities and internet stars, JiDion was hellbent on shortening the gap and wifing up the ‘About Damn Time’ singer.

Finally, he was able to meet her on Instagram Live back in August after months and months of trying. The two had a short, humorous conversation where JiDion expressed his love for the flutist and his desire to meet her in person.

JiDion shocks Lizzo with Ring Pop proposal during concert

He would get that chance in October 2022, when he attended Lizzo’s concert with front-row seats by the stage. In true Deadpool style, JiDion brought along a Ring Pop and ‘popped the question’ to the star right as she came out to greet her fans.

At first, she seemed confused, but appeared to remember her interaction with the YouTuber and couldn’t help but laugh.

Unfortunately for JiDion, she didn’t respond to his request and instead went on with the show — but it looks like the YouTuber had a good time, anyway.

(Topic begins at 2:13)

However, the night wasn’t without some drama; JiDion ended up getting kicked out of the venue by security for an unknown reason (although it wouldn’t be the first time he’s been escorted out of a public event).

Luckily, nothing else happened, leaving JiDion to seek out another way to lock down Lizzo and put a ring on it.

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