20 Justin Keith (GloJays) Biography Fun Facts: Net Worth, Age, TikTok, Instagram, Height, Girlfriend, Wiki, Parents, Etc

Who is GloJays? Why is GloJays famous? How much money does GloJays make on TikTok? Here’s everything to know about Justin Keith.

Social media personality, GloJays teaches the world that there is no greater gesture to offer than showing kindness to a stranger or someone in need. He joins the likes of MrBeast, Faze Rug, ThatWasEpic, and a host of internet celebrities and YouTubers who put smiles on the faces of others by giving them money.

Justin “Glojays” Keith, a Little Rock Arkansas native and now Atlanta resident has discovered that not all people are kind. So, he sets out to prove himself wrong through his social experiments. His premise is that even when no one is watching that people will give from the kindness of their hearts. But to his surprise, people disappoint him time after time. Glojays also uses his heart and compassion to engage with and give to the homeless. His kind gestures have made him a social media personality/influencer.

He has gained his immense fan base posting short videos about everything from family to relationships to school.

He has funneled much of his social audience to his Twitter, and TikTok as well as Instagram, earning more than 320,000 followers on the microblogging site. as of the time of this article.

GloJays Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:GloJays
Net Worth:$4 million
Full Real Name:Justin Christopher Keith
Date of Birth:November 261999
Age:22 years old
Place of Birth:Little Rock Arkansas
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius
Height:5 feet 9 inches tall
Profession:YouTuber and Social Media Celebrity
Parents:Not Known
Siblings:Not Known
Girlfriend:Not Known
Children:Not Known
Instagram:@glojays with 320K followers
YouTube:GloJays with 12.7K subscribers
TikTok:@glojays with 1.1 millin followers

There are very few gems that come along that focus on giving and not receiving. He is one of those gems. Below are 20 untold biography facts to know about Glojays.

#1. Who is GloJays and why is he famous?

20 Justin Keith (GloJays) Biography Fun Facts: Net Worth, Age, TikTok, Instagram, Height, Girlfriend, Wiki, Parents, Etc

GloJays is known in real life as Justin Christopher Keith. He is a social media celebrity who is more popular on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

He is best known for doing phenomenal things when it comes to performing social experiments in his area. He inspires, uplifts, and blesses people with kind words and money. He has gained his immense fan base posting short videos about everything from family to relationships to school.

#2. Where does GloJays comes from and live now?

20 Justin Keith (GloJays) Biography Fun Facts: Net Worth, Age, TikTok, Instagram, Height, Girlfriend, Wiki, Parents, Etc

Justin Christopher Keith was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas country. He currently lives in Atlanta in the United States of America. He moved to Atlanta at the end of 2019.

#3. How old is GloJays?

20 Justin Keith (GloJays) Biography Fun Facts: Net Worth, Age, TikTok, Instagram, Height, Girlfriend, Wiki, Parents, Etc

Glojays is a 22-year-old Social Media viral sensation who gives away cash money for free. His date of birth is November 26, 1999. He celebrates his birthday every year on November 26.

#4. What was GloJays doing before fame?

Before becoming popular on Instagram, and TikTok, he focused much of his attention on playing football. He used to also work at Mercedes Benz of Buckhead.

#5. Who are the parents of GloJays?

Who is GloJays’ father? Who is GloJays’ mother? Christopher Keith is one private person who has never shared anything concerning his family life. At the moment, none of his parents’ names or pictures are on the internet.

#6. Does GloJays have siblings?

There is no clue whether the internet personality has a brother or sister. However, his family has been incredibly supportive of his social media career.

#7. Who is Justin Christopher Keith dating now?

As of 2022, Justin Christopher Keith is not dating anyone. Justin is 22 years old. According to CelebsCouples, Justin Christopher Keith had at least 1 relationship previously.

Like most celebrities, Justin Christopher Keith tries to keep his personal and love life private. Dating Celebs confirms that Justin has not been previously engaged.

#8. What is GloJays’ zodiac sign?

According to Astrologers, the social media celebrity Justin Christopher Keith’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. GloJays’ zodiac animal is rabbit.

#9. How tall is GloJays?

Justin Christopher Keith’s height is 5’9″ feet right now, Justin Christopher Keith’s weight is 55 to 65 KG, and body measurements are Not Known. He has a dark brown eye color and a dark hair color.

#10. What does GloJays do for a living?

GloJays is a social media personality. He has been doing skits and all types of videos and it took him 10 years to become famous from that. He was previously working at Mercedes Benz of Buckhead. He has revealed in an interview with Femimagazine that his dream is to be on a bigger TV platform.

#11. His brand name, Glojays, was inspired by his close friend, rapper Chief Keef.

“So, I used to play X-box with the rapper, Chief Keef, way back. His whole click was called Glo Gang. And my name was Justin and he said it, “Gojays.” I don’t know where it came from but he said it and I stuck with it; It’s my brand name. It’s catchy and it’s short”.

#12. GloJays tests people to see who would be rude and who would be kind to him and in return gives out money to the kind-hearted ones in his social experiment videos.

In a conversation between GloJays and Debbie Stokes of Femimagazine.com, he revealed that a social experiment is basically when you go out in public and test people with real-life scenarios.

“And for instance, with me, some of mine are: like I say, I forgot my wallet, or can I borrow a dollar, or just basically saying I just don’t have it, like I don’t have the money or whatever the case may be and I see how people react. And of course, I have a hidden camera so I can see people’s real-life reactions. Of course, nowadays, a lot of people are mean, and being nice is rare. So, I wanted to bring more awareness to what’s really going on and make a change”.

“So basically, what I’ll do is I’ll just go out to a group of people and I’ll say, “I don’t have my wallet, can you give me a dollar so I can pay for this or can you get me a bottle of water?” Or whatever the case may be, and most people say “no.” And the one person that says “yes” I reward them for their kindness, because kind gestures nowadays, I feel should be rewarded because they’re so rare”.

“So, I want to help them push what they’re doing. So, I’ll pay for groceries, I might give you $500, I might give you $200, you just will never know. I do little things like that just to show my appreciation for people being nice”.

#13. GloJays is an honest giver ever since he was a kid and would give his last money just to see people smile.

“I’ve always been a giver, honestly and truly, ever since I was a kid. Like for Christmas and on my birthday, I would say, I would like rather just go and bless somebody else. With the money I would get, I would most likely go hand it to a homeless person”.

“Even if I don’t have it, let’s say didn’t have any money at all, I still would give my last to people; it’s just in me. And I don’t know, why specifically, why I’m like that but I’ve always been that way. Like, I can’t take from people. I’m a giver but I can’t receive. Like it’s really hard for me to do anything for free. Like even my mom, if she does something for me, I just want to pay her. My mom just actually came in town, and like she found money in my pockets and I just told her to keep it. It’s just in me. That’s what I do”.

#14. GloJays quit working at Mercedes Benz of Buckhead to pursue his dream career as a social media personality.

“Like, I had a job, I had a good career. And I’ve always known that I wanted to be a social media personality. And I’ve been working, and it took me about 10 years to blow up. I was doing skits and all types of videos before I blew up, but it never really took off”.

“I went viral one time, and I quit my job because I knew I could do this again. And of course, I had savings to base my life on. I wasn’t getting paid for social media yet when I quit; I was just like we’re going to just figure this out. So, I jumped off the bridge and did it. And it just worked out for me”.

#15. He is a college dropout.

“I moved from Little Rock, Arkansas; it was really random. I just dropped out of college and moved to Atlanta. I didn’t have any family here and I didn’t know anybody, but something in me was like take the risk. So, I took the risk. I wiggled my way into the dealership job through LinkedIn and worked there 2 years. And I’ve just been a full-time entrepreneur on social media since, and now, TikTok is at one million followers, Instagram is at 250,000 plus, so it’s working”. 

#16. How does GloJays make his money?

Justin Keith started a 501c3, a nonprofit to basically help him give out more money to people. He is also sponsored with donations or whatnot to help the homeless. This has helped him to get more people off the street so far.

#17. How much does GloJays earn from Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube?

There is not an exact figure to tell how much GloJays makes from his video, however, he is expected to earn around $400,464 per year in 2022 from uploading videos on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, and from other endeavors, he does off social media.

#18. What is GloJays’ net worth?

Justin Christopher Keith is one of the most famous, richest, and wealthiest Instagram stars globally; Justin Christopher Keith is well-known and popular on Instagram Star. According to The Famous Superstars GloJays has an estimated net worth of $4 million US dollars.

#19. Social Media Accounts

You can follow Glojays by clicking these links:

TikTok: @glojays with 1.1 million followers and 16.5 million likes.

Instagram: @glojays with 320K followers

YouTube: GloJays with 12.7K subscribers

Twitter: @GloJays

20. GloJays teaches the world to be kind.

Being kind is so cute – it goes around and comes back to you!. No one suffering at the moment ever chose their ambient condition, however, that’s nature and we all have to accept and work on that. What Elon Musk did that elevated him to this height as a billionaire and one of the world’s richest people, another would do but won’t get to that height due to some challenges they may face. We all have our destinies channeled differently. Be kind, love yours and always try to put a smile on people’s faces but not cause them pain.

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