Kanye West Shades Mark Zuckerberg After Being Kicked From Instagram Over “Anti-Semitic” Post

Kanye West has taken shots at Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg after Ye had his account restricted following a post that users are calling “antisemitic”.

The Donda rapper and polarizing icon Kanye West wields his Instagram profile as a weapon. Where celebrities often share photos of lavish vacations or staged photo advertisements, West’s posts are normally aimed at other stars.

Earlier this year he took shots at Pete Davidson and Kid Cudi, and he even went as far as to leak Drake’s home address. He has also taken to the platform to share multi-post rants about his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and their joint parenting ventures.

Now, after posting text conversations between himself and other players in the rap game, West has had access to his Instagram restricted. One of the posts contained a text exchange with himself and Diddy where Ye claimed ‘Puff’ was being manipulated by Jews. Many comments claimed the post was fueled by “anti-Semitic” ideology, and the American Jewish Committee went as far as to call out Kanye’s actions in a post of their own.

In a post captioned ‘Jesus is Jew’, Kanye West claimed Diddy was being controlled by Jewish people
In a post captioned ‘Jesus is Jew’, Kanye claimed Diddy was being controlled by Jewish people

Kanye goes after Mark Zuckerberg

The post was taken down by Meta shortly after it was posted resulting in Kanye West’s account being restricted. The rapper then jumped on Twitter, a platform he hadn’t posted on since November 2020.

After losing the 2020 Presidential Election – despite having voted for himself – Kanye’s last post before his Twitter hiatus was a picture of himself with the caption ‘KANYE 2024’. And almost two years later, his first post back would be a hat with ‘2024’ embroidered on the bill.

He would quickly follow this post up with a tweet jabbing at Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. With Meta being the parent company of Instagram, it only made sense for Kanye to blame the company’s owner for his account being restricted.

“Look at this Mark. How you gone kick me off Instagram?” Ye asked. He also shared a photo of the two holding microphones performing a duet.

At the time of writing, Kanye hasn’t posted anything further on his Instagram or Twitter. However, when he regains access to his Instagram, you can be sure he will be back to posting text exchanges as well as promoting his presidential campaign for the 2024 election.

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