Ledisi’s Children: Who Is Ledisi Married To? Meet The Singer’s Husband and Kids

Singer Ledisi has been happily married to her husband, Ronald T. Young since 2018 – do they have kids together?

Over the last near-three decades, Ledisi, born Ledisi Anibade Young, has topped the charts, released 9 studio albums, and earned a Grammy throughout her critically-lauded career.

Most recently, she has taken on a role in the Christmas film All Saints Christmas, which has already shaped up to be another lovable addition to the Hallmark catalog.

Although millions of fans worldwide are familiar with Ledisi thanks to her remarkable performing abilities, many may not be immediately aware of the circumstances surrounding her personal life. So, who is Ledisi’s husband? Does she have kids? Keep reading to find out!

Ronald T. Young, Ledisi
Ledisi, and her husband Ronald T. Young. SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES

Who is Ledisi’s husband? What we know about Ronald T. Young.

If you don’t know much about Ledisi outside of her performances, that’s by design. For the most part, the singer has worked diligently to keep her public and private lives separate. However, we do know some tidbits about her husband, Ronald T. Young, that we can piece together from what has been shared.

Taking a look at his Instagram reveals that Ronald, who goes by Ron, works as a photographer, director, producer, and actor. He has directed multiple of Ledisi’s music videos, including “Anything For You” and “Same Love.” Per IMDb, Ron was born and raised in Philadelphia. He attended Penn State University and moved to Los Angeles in 2006. He has also been nominated for an NAACP Image Award.

Ron and Ledisi gave a rather intimate glimpse into the genesis of their relationship during an appearance on Oprah’s Black Love show. There, Ledisi revealed that she met Ron while working on a play in Los Angeles with him.

“I was doing a play in Los Angeles and he was stage manager of the play. Everyone’s yelling. ‘Ron! We need…’ And he was like, ‘Uh-hm.’ And I just liked the way his demeanor was so calm,” she said at the time.


After some time of flirting on-set without it really going anywhere, Ledisi shared that Ron eventually approached her and it sparked their interest in one another. The couple tied the knot in 2018 and have been happily married ever since.

Does Ledisi have any kids?

Although Ledisi is happily married to Ron, the duo don’t yet have any children of their own together. That doesn’t mean that their family isn’t full, though — Ron brings children from a past relationship, and Ledisi has come to adore them, per her 2020 interview with Madame Noir.


“I consider myself a bonus mom,” she explained at the time. “My husband has children that are not mine, and I love them, and they’re great. They’re just, like, the best thing for me. It’s grounded me, and I will protect them just like their moms would. They’re wonderful. They’re beautiful, and I’m just happy that I get to experience that in my lifetime cause you know, it’s something I’ve always wanted but never had time for, so it just happened to work out for me like that.”

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