100 Liza Koshy Fun Facts: How Much Money Does Liza Koshy Make, Have? Net Worth, Income Sources Of The YouTuber

How did Liza Koshy get rich? Who is Liza Koshy dating now? All about Liza Koshy that every fans should know.

Elizabeth Shaila “Liza” Koshy is an American actress, television host, comedian, and YouTuber. Liza began posting videos on Vine in 2013, and when it closed down in 2017, she had amassed over 7 million followers. She was smart to transfer her Vine followers over to other social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

Among her acting roles have been Aday Walker in Tyler Perry’s horror comedy film Boo! and many more.  

Liza Koshy has a net worth of $1 million – $18 million and makes $300K in a year, $3K – $47K per month, and $1.5K – $15K a day to a week from YouTube ads on her channels.

Her ethnicity: Half Indian and half caucasian ancestry. Her older sister (siblings) are Olivia and Rachel. Liza’s parents are Jose Koshy (father), and Jean Carol Hertzler (mother). Liza Koshy now lives in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Liza was dating fellow YouTuber and Viner David Dobrik from 2015 to 2018. They dated until she posted a video on June 4, 2018, stating they broke up 6 months before the video and wanted to officially announce it as a final goodbye.

Liza and the Vlog Squad CEO broke up because Lisa wanted to get settled with herself before settling with someone else. Liza took a break from YouTube after their breakup.

With that being said, who is Liza Koshy dating now? What are Liza Koshy’s sources of income? How much does Liza Koshy make in a day, a week, a month, a year? Read till the end for answers to these questions and many more.

Liza Koshy’s profile summary

Full NameElizabeth Shaila Koshy
Date of Birth (Birthday)March 31, 1996.
Age25 years old
Place of Birth Houston, Texas, USA
Height5′ 0¾” (1.54 m)
birth (Zodiac) sign Aries
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
ProfessionActress, Tv host, and YouTuber
EthnicityHalf Indian and half caucasian
ParentsJose Koshy, Jean Carol Hertzler
SiblingsElder Sisters; Olivia and Rachel.
Ex-BoyfriendDavid Dobrik from 2015 to 2018
Current BoyfriendSingle
Annual Income$300K a year from YouTube ads
Net Worth in 2021$6 million – $18 million
Liza Koshy Fun Facts

Check out these 100 interesting things about the popular comic character and YouTube – Liza Koshy.

Liza Koshy’s biography (age, place of birth, birthday, family life, relationships, Before Fame, Trivia, etc.)

#1. Her real full name is Elizabeth Shaila Koshy.

#2. Her nickname: She is popularly known as Liza Koshy.

#3.Her birthday: She was born on Sunday, March 31, 1996.

#4. Her age: She is 25 years old.

#5. Her nationality: She is an American.

#6. Her place of birth: She was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

#7. Her residence: She currently stays in Los Angeles, California, United States.

#8. Her height: She is 5′ 0¾” (1.54 m) tall.

#9. Her zodiac (birth) sign is Aries.

#10. She is famous for being an American YouTube personality and former Vine star.

#11. Her ethnicity is half Indian and half caucasian.

#12. The names of her parents are Jose Koshy and Jean Carol Koshy-Hertzler.

#13. Her father is Indian and her mother is of German descent. 

#14. She has two older sisters, Olivia and Rachel.

#15. She was placed in a dual-language program from kindergarten until the fifth grade, and later attended High School where she was captain of her dance team.

#16. Due to her time spent in a dual-language school program, she can speak fluent English and Spanish.

#17. Later, she enrolled at the University of Houston but later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in acting. 

#18. She was also a famous musical star. She was captain of her dance team in high school.

#19. Elizabeth Shaila Koshy, known by her stage name Liza Koshy, is an American actress, YouTube star, and TV host who first became popular on the video-sharing platform Vine.

#20. Since then, Liza has become one of the most-followed YouTube stars. 

#21. Liza is one of the most popular social media personalities and also has one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels of all time, she has 17.6 million subscribers as of September 2021, gaining more subscribers than any other YouTube channel.

#22. She now has over 17.6 million subscribers as of September 2021, and her channel is the 129th most subscribed YouTube channel in the United States.

#23. She has received silver, gold, and diamond YouTube Play Buttons. 

#24. She began attending college in the Fall of 2014, deciding to study business marketing.

#25. She was formerly dating fellow YouTuber and Viner David Dobrik until he posted a video on June 4, 2018, stating they broke up 6 months prior to the video and wanted to officially announce it as a final goodbye.

#26. The reason for this is because Lisa wanted to get settled with herself before settling with someone else.

#27. A little after this she took a massive break from YouTube.

#28. She was in a relationship with David Dobrik from 2015 to 2018. 

#29. Liza Koshy is a multi-faceted, powerhouse talent whose comedic sensibility, physicality, and characters have made her one of the industry’s hottest talents.

#30. Liza’s meteoric rise to fame is a testament to her relationship with her fans; who are counted at over 50 million across her social channels.

#31. Her success parlayed into an opportunity to create, star, and executive produce her own YouTube Original series, Liza On Demand, which just wrapped its second season.

#32. As of September 2021, Liza has 17.6 million YouTube subscribers, 19.2 million Instagram followers, 2.8 million Twitter followers, 4 million Facebook followers, and 28.2 million TikTok followers. 

The rise of Liza Koshy (Social Media Fame)

#33. Liza started her career in 2013 when she started posting videos to the video-sharing platform Vine.

#34. On Vine, she used the name ‘Lizzza’.

#35. She quickly gained popularity on the app and became one of the most-followed people on Vine.

#36. She uploaded a Vine called “How girls check out guys vs. How guys check out girls” which featured Tasia Alexis, Lance210, Alex Holtti, Crawford Collins, Jake Paul, and Boris Laursen.

#37. By the time Vine shut down, Liza had 7 million followers posting comedic videos. 

#38. At the same time, Liza started her YouTube page and started building her content.

#39. In November 2016, Liza’s YouTube channel started getting noticed; she interviewed presidential candidate Barack Obama about voter registration that same year.

#40. In 2017, Liza officially became the fastest person to reach 10 million subscribers on YouTube. Her videos will average millions of views. 

#41. Her YouTube page did not post any new content from 2018 to 2019 while Liza focused on acting and hosting work. 

#42. The social media star became known for her facial expressions, quick pace, and her commitment to looking ridiculous.

#43. However, at the same time, she tackled many serious issues, including anxiety, internet trolls, and the pressure to fit into the norm. 

#44. In 2016, Liza also starred as Princess Aubrey in the movie “FML.” 

#45. In July 2015, she moved to YouTube and created skits, rants, and vlogs, often with her then-boyfriend David.

#46. One of her most popular series of videos is ‘Adventurezzz with Lizzza’, where she goes to different places and generally causes mischief.

#47. Some videos include ‘My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover, Driving With Lizzza’, ‘Target With Lizzza’, ‘Recess With Lizzza’, ‘Ikea with Lizzza’ and ‘Dollar Store With Lizzza Part 1 and 2’- which are [Part 2] her most popular video to date.

#48. Liza has since her debut on YouTube has been well known for her fast-paced, all over the place, over the top, quirky, upbeat, clever, and humorous personality she displays in her videos.

#49. Her channel ‘Liza Koshy’ now has 17.6 million subscribers with 250 million total views and 179 uploaded videos.

#50. She also is well known for portraying a dim-witted persona at times.

#51. Some call her the “Queen Of Puns” due to her excessive use of pun jokes in her videos, being alongside content creators such as nigahiga as one of the most recognized pun comedians on YouTube. She has also made cooking videos[1]

#52. Liza as well since then has collaborated with many famous faces in social media, such as Lilly Singh, The Gabbie Show, Barack Obama, and of course David Dobrik, who is Liza’s ex-boyfriend as previously mentioned.

#53. Koshy is currently one of the fastest-growing social media stars in the world, mostly due to her YouTube channel though she has also had large audiences on other social media sites she uses to both updates her fans on her life and to entertain them.

#54. In 2016 though, she also made her television debut in the show Freakish and also made her film debut that year as Aday Walker in Boo! A Madea Halloween.

#55. Also in 2016, she created another YouTube channel titled “Liza Koshy Too”.

#56. Her second channel currently has over 7.41 million subscribers meaning that Liza has over 25 million YouTube subscribers combined.

#57. As a part of YouTube Red, Liza starred in her own short film called Jingle Ballin’ about the struggles of life and being a YouTuber.

#58. In 2017, she took part in Joey Graceffa‘s YouTube Premium mystery-reality series “Escape The Night” season 2 cast.

#59. On average, Koshy currently gets 10.5 million views on her videos, her channel getting over 100 million monthly views along with hundreds of thousands to a million likes on a regular video making her one of the most abundant content creators in those departments.

#60. She as well gets a lot of activity in YouTube’s comment section, more than the average YouTuber exceeding millions of subscribers.

#61. She has had a number of hosting jobs. She hosted Nigel Lythgoe’s series “Every Single Step,” and has a partnership with MTV.

#62. She was the only social entertainer chosen to promote the 2016 MTV Movie Awards.

#63. From 2017 to 2019, Liza was the host of MTV’s “Total Request Live.” In addition, she served as a producer and content developer for MTV.

#64. From 2018 to 2019, she co-hosted Nickelodeon game show return of Double Dare alongside Marc Summers.

#65. Most recently, Liza took on hosting duties at the Met Gala for Vogue’s YouTube channel for the second year in a row.

#66. She also hosted the 2017 Golden Globes pre-show, which scored a record-breaking 2.7 million live Twitter viewers.

#67. In 2018, Liza co-created the YouTube Premium series “Lizza on Demand,” and starred in the show. The second season premiered in 2019. Her show received positive reviews.

#68. That same year, the actress portrayed the voice of Owl in “Crow: The Legend,” a virtual reality short film starring John Legend. 

#69. She starred alongside Sabrina Carpenter and Keiynan Lonsdale in the Netflix Original feature Work It, produced by Alicia Keys which was premiered in 2021.

Liza Koshy’s Awards and Nominations

#70. Liza has received a number of accolades and nominations for several social media awards for her work.

#71. In 2016, Teen Vogue named Liza as one of the 7 Comedians You Need to Know.

#72. She was named Breakout Creator at the 2016 Streamy Awards.

#73. She has also been nominated for Favorite Social Media Star at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards and YouTuber of the Year at the 2017 Shorty Awards.

#74. In addition, she won Choice Female Web Star, Choice YouTuber, Choice Comedy Web Star at the Teen Choice Awards 2017.

#75. In 2017, The Hollywood Reporter named Liza as one of their rising crossover stars.

#76. Koshy won a teen choice award for Choice Female Web Star 2017.

#77. Liza also won the Kids Choice Award for Funniest YouTube Creator 2018.

#78. She was named the host of the Nickelodeon reboot of Double Dare in 2018. 

#79. She was recently named in 2018’s Forbes 30 Under 30 and TIME’s 2019 25 most influential people on the internet.

#80. In 2019, Time Magazine named her one of the most influential people on the internet. The magazine also put her on their 2019 100 Next List. 

#81. In addition, Liza has been nominated for dozens of People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Streamy Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, and more.

#82. In 2020, she received a Daytime Emmy Award Nomination as one of the people involved with Nickelodeon’s Double Dare. The show was nominated for Outstanding Game Show. 

Liza Koshy’s movies (Characters) 

#83. Liza has a host of popular characters played by herself, mainly Jet Packinski IIIHelga, CarlosDebra LastnameYoung Liza (Younger Self), Future Liza (Future Self), Teenaged Liza, Derek, and other characters who have yet to be named.

#84. Jet Packinski III debuted in Liza’s video ‘JET: THE WORLD’S GREATEST OLYMPIAN #CreatorsInRio’ on August 10, 2016.

#85. Helga debuted in Liza’s Video ‘I WAS KIDNAPPED?! HELGA TAKEOVER! ft. David Dobrik | Lizzza’ on July 13, 2016.

#86. Carlos was first seen in Liza’s video ‘WANNA BE A BRO?! “BRO” COSTUME DIY TUTORIAL | Lizzza’ on October 21, 2015, where she transformed into the character on camera.

#87. Debra Lastname debuted in Liza’s video ‘JET: THE WORLD’S GREATEST OLYMPIAN #CreatorsInRio’ on August 10, 2016.

#88. Derek is a child boy version of her who wants to have a family of squirrels because his father doesn’t like him. Derek debuted on David Dobrik (Liza’s boyfriend as previously mentioned) in the vlog ‘MAKING THEM MAKE OUT’ on September 30, 2016.

#89. Little Liza (Younger self) debuted with Future Liza (Future Self) and Teenaged Liza in ‘HALF NAKED HALLOWEEN?! Halloween Through Time’ on October 26, 2016.

Liza Koshy’s Personal Quotes

#90. To the people online, thank you for being so insane to watch my insanity.

#91. Mountains are the boobs of the earth. Mountain climbers are perverts.

Liza Koshy Fun Facts

How much money does Liza Koshy make in a day, a week, a year? (Estimated YouTube earnings)

#92. Liza makes daily estimated earnings of $31 – $503 from her Liza Koshy channel and $3 – $55 from her Liza Koshy Too channel, according to Social Blade.

#93. Koshy earns an estimated weekly revenue of $220 – $3.5K from her Liza Koshy YouTube channel and $24 – $386 from her Liza Koshy Too channel.

#94. Liza makes an estimated monthly salary of $944 – $15.1K from her Liza Koshy channel and $103 – $1.7K from her Liza Koshy Too channel, according to Social Blade.

#95. Liza earns an estimated yearly revenue of $11.3K – $181.2K from her Liza Koshy channel and $1.2K – $19.8K from her Liza Koshy Too channel, according to Social Blade.

Liza Koshy Fun Facts

What is Liza Koshy’s net worth in 2021?

#96. Liza Koshy has a net worth of $6 million (£5.1 million) – $18 million (£15.4 million) in 2021.

#97. She is one of the highest-paid YouTubers, and actresses in the world.

#98. Her main source of income is YouTube, Tv show hosting, and acting.

Liza Koshy’s social media accounts

#99. Instagram @lizakoshy, YouTube: Liza Koshy, Lisa Koshy Too and TikTok @lizza

#100. Facebook @thelisakoshy, Twitter @lizakoshy

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