MDMotivator’s Girlfriend: Is MDMotivator In A Relationship? Dating History, Exes, Wife, and Love Life Explored

Is MDMotivator married and does he have children? Details on the love life of the social media personality.

Similar Web reports that TikTok has close to 2 billion users per month, as the company has quickly become one of the biggest social media apps in the world. The app pairs simple audio and video recording features with musical and meme-like features making it exciting for everyone.

One person who gained fame via the video-sharing platform is Zachery Dereniowski known popularly online as MDMotivator. MDMotivator has 13.8 M followers on TikTok with over 500 million likes.

He is always mentioned when it comes to the style of content creation that revolves around giveaways and donations. He joins the list including the creators likes of MrBeast, ThatWasEpic, and Faze Rug just to mention a few.

In MDMotivator’s interview with Piers Morgan, he did reveal that he is not fake and doesn’t stage his videos. He has also shared how he makes the money that he reinvests in his videos. One other question most of his followers and admirers ask is about his love life. Like who his MDMotivator girlfriend is, and whether has kids. Here’s what we know.


Who is MDMotivator dating? Meet his influencer girlfriend Sophia.

MDmotivator (real name Zachery Dereniowski) is a Canadian YouTuber, TikToker, and Instagram star known for his motivational, inspirational, and mental health videos. His aim is to leave a positive impact on the world and to put kindness first.

MDMotivator is a former medical student and he is passionate about raising mental health awareness and spreading kindness by giving away money and other gifts to random people. Zachery has amassed close to 20m followers on his social media pages and continues to promote kindness in everything he does.

Regarding his dating life, Zachery is currently not single as he is in a serious relationship. He has featured his significant other Sophia Fallea on his Instagram feed. Per her IG post about her favorite moments in 2022, she revealed she met Zachery that same year and they kicked started their relationship.

On December 2022, MDMotivator and his girlfriend Sophia stepped out to share quality time together. In pictures he posted on his Instagram account with over 2 million followers, the lovers were seen kissing. “Thank you for coming into my life and showing me what love is. I love you,” he wrote in his caption.

About Sophia Fallea, she is a model, beauty, lifestyle, and travel influencer from Canada with over 6,000 followers on her Instagram page.

Fallea is Zachery’s first public partner. Aside from her, there are no dating records for MDMotivator. He is not married and has no children right now.

MDMotivator became famous in 2020.

Medical student who has gained fame for his motivational TikToks about mental health. He has more than 13 million followers on his mdmotivator account. His videos often center around a conversation between himself and a stranger.

His TikToks went viral in 2020 while he was a student at the University of Sydney in Australia.

MDMotivator and his girlfriend Sophia Fallea started dating in 2022.
MDMotivator and his girlfriend Sophia Fallea started dating in 2022.
Source: Instagram

He loves to travel, and he said New Zealand is his favorite destination. One of his most popular videos features him giving a homeless man a large sum of money. It has earned over 50 million views. He went around the mall asking strangers if they wanted to go jet-skiing, and recorded it on TikTok, and in just one week the video amassed over 3 million views. His mdmotivator Instagram page is also popular, with a following of over 1.5 million fans. 

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