Is MDMotivator Fake? How Does Zachery Dereniowski Make His Money?

Are you among the many who are curious whether MDMotivator is real or fake? We’ll discuss whether Zachery’s videos are real or staged.

Similar Web reports that TikTok has close to 2 billion users per month, as the company has quickly become one of the biggest social media apps in the world. The app pairs simple audio and video recording features with musical and meme-like features making it exciting for everyone.

One person who gained fame via the video-sharing platform is Zachery Dereniowski known popularly online as MDMotivator. MDMotivator has 13.8 M followers on TikTok with over 500 million likes.

In the world of content creation that revolves around giveaways and donations, the creators are mostly tagged as fake and their videos staged. The likes of MrBeast, ThatWasEpic, and Faze Rug just to mention a few, have all faced such allegations despite having no substantial evidence.

A lot of people also believe MDMotivator is no exception. Many believe his content is real and MDMotivator has been creating videos that are not staged but still, some people are unsure. Here’s everything we know about his videos and how he makes his money for his giveaways and donations videos.

Is MDMotivator fake?

MDMotivator (real name Zachery Dereniowski) is a medical student who has gained fame for his motivational TikToks about mental health. He has more than over 13 million followers on his mdmotivator account. His videos often center around a conversation between himself and a stranger.

His TikToks went viral in 2020 while he was a student at the University of Sydney in Australia. He started creating moving videos based on his experience. 

“I started this account not to have a platform, but because I was depressed. I went through a breakup, I had knee surgery. COVID left me feeling trapped, medical school was hard. I just felt really alone.”

“I created one video hoping it would connect with someone else, and it just snowballed to where we are right now… Really, I thought I would get 50 to 100 views and maybe one message. That’s all I was aiming for,” he shared about himself on his website.

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@mdmotivator “I’M GOING TO THE GAME” ?❤️ @NFL #superbowl #football #surprise #veteran #money #happiness #loving #viral ♬ original sound – Zachery Dereniowski

For now, there is nothing to prove that Zachery is fake. He doesn’t overdo his kindness in his videos and he has always warmed the hearts of many online with his giveaways. One Redditor who used to work for him gave a heartwarming remark about him. ‘I used to work with mdmotivator a long time ago, he was always a sweetheart!”

After gaining fame online through the kindness exhibited in his videos, the doctor and mental health advocate has been offered an interview many times and has accepted multiple requests to be asked if his videos are fake or not. He claims to have nothing to hide from his followers.

Having known that Zachery Dereniowski is real and genuine comes the question, how does MDMotivator make his money?

How does Zachery Dereniowski make his money?

In May 2022, MDMotivator was interviewed on Piers Morgan Uncensored’s YouTube channel. His experience and enthusiasm for video give us an insight into his personality.

It has been already mentioned that he makes videos based on his experiences of overcoming difficulties when he was a university student, but that is not all he does.

Source: MDMotivator

Explaining how he makes money, he revealed to Piers that he raises money through crowdfunding to distribute money, flowers, and love to homeless people and children living in countries with poverty issues.

He has even set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for homeless people to find them a home, get them prepared for their next job, and get them off the streets.

He is raising money for future videos. The money raised through donations is used for those who have done acts of kindness in the video or have broken hearts in the past.

He has raised over $250,000 through GoFundme which links are on his bio on all social media platforms. He is also able to raise money with a span before he does a new video.

Source: MDMotivator

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