Mikaela Testa Boyfriend: Who Is Mikaela Testa Dating Now? TikToker Claims She Was Detained At Airport For Being ‘Too Pretty’

A TikToker claimed she and her friend were detained at an airport by US Customs for five hours because they were ‘too pretty.

Content creator and OnlyFans model Mikaela Testa shared a TikTok video explaining what happened to her at LAX Airport, alleging officials thought she and her friend Trinity were strippers or escorts.

In a viral video with over one million views, she explained: “Okay, so we got to the LAX airport. I made sure I looked really, really ratchet and bad because I know that the US Customs are really strict.

“Trinity, with her beautiful eyelash extensions and big, fat juicy lips, pulls up looking hot to the US Customs and I knew. I knew but I didn’t say anything.

“The US Customs guy goes, ‘is this your first time in LA?’ She’s like, ‘yeah’. ‘Do you have a return flight?’ ‘No.’”

Mikaela said the customs official sent her “straight to the detained area” and has a theory as to why, after many of her friends supposedly spent “days” in that room.

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“I know for a fact that he thought she was a prostitute or an escort looking to work in the US,” she continued. “Because they love detaining Australian girls and accusing them of that until they tell the truth.

“Luckily we didn’t get sent home. We thought we were going to get sent home. And there were heaps of Australian girls in there at the same time, so maybe it was the fact that we were Australian.

“This guy was staring at us, like death staring us the whole time and if we look, he’d be like, ‘Look away, look at the TV, don’t look at me, only look at me if you’re being spoken to,’” she claimed.

Mikaela said they were in the room for around five hours, where they “met so many strippers” and “so many girls” who asked her and Trinity what they were in there for, to which she responded: “I don’t know.”

She concluded: “They finally let us out at the end. We were literally the last people out of the detained room because the guys just wanted to keep us around for longer.”

A spokesperson for US Customers and Border Protection told LADbible in a statement: “It is absolutely false and misleading that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will determine a traveler admissibility based on their looks or physical appearance.”

Who is Mikaela Testa dating now?

Social media influencer Mikaela Testa is currently single and not dating anyone. However, she has been in two public relationships with a fellow musician and another internet personality.

First, Mikaela Testa has revealed she dated singer/rapper The Kid Laroi. Per Daily Mail, The ex-girlfriend of Aussie rap superstar The Kid Laroi broke down in tears during his concert in Manchester, England, on Thursday.

Influencer and OnlyFans star Mikaela Testa, 22, filmed herself crying in the audience as she watched her ‘first love’ perform on stage.

The pair’s past relationship wasn’t widely known until Mikaela spoke about it recently during a Q&A with her followers on TikTok. (Laroi is pictured at the Grammy Awards on April 3) 

She posted a photo on Instagram of herself with tears running down her face, and captioned it: ‘And I just can’t look, it’s killing me.’

Mikaela went on to post a video of herself singing along to one of Laroi’s songs.

The pair’s past relationship wasn’t widely known until Mikaela spoke about it recently during a Q&A with her followers on TikTok.

Mikaela and her most recent ex Atis Paul (pictured) dated for three years before announcing their break-up in June, telling fans the decision was ‘mutual’ and they hoped to remain friends 
Mikaela Testa opens up about her split from Atis Paul

Mikaela Testa also dated a man named Charlton Howard. When someone asked who she dated before Atis, 21, she said: ‘His name is Charlton Howard, and Atis was not my first love.’

Aussie influencer Mikaela Testa’s recent relationship was with an influencer named Atis Paul. The influencer couple dated for three years before announcing their break-up in June, telling fans the decision was ‘mutual’ and they planned to remain friends. However, Mikaela revealed Atis actually dumped her after she tried to leave him multiple times.

Paul was the first to address his break-up from the OnlyFans creator – who is also widely known as the “crying influencer” after she broke down over Instagram removing likes in 2019 – telling his Instagram followers that the couple “love each other so much and decided to be friends now”.

“Everything is perfect between us. We both agree it’s better this way,” the 21-year-old “crypto bro” added.

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