Ed Sheeran’s Kids: How Many Children Does Ed Sheeran Have? Meet The Singer’s Family

Musician Ed Sheeran is now a father of Two! His sweet surprise announcement to his fans left them shocked!

Musician Ed Sheeran is an international phenomenon, but when he’s not selling out tours or writing songs with pal Taylor Swift, he’s a doting dad! After marrying childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn in late 2018, the pair announced in August 2020 that they had welcomed their first daughter together: Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran.

Now, it sounds like Ed and Cherry have welcomed a second child into their life! So the question remains: Does Ed have any other kids? And what about the name of baby #2? Here’s what we know.

Ed Sheeran performs at the iHeart Radio awards.
Ed Sheeran performs at the iHeart Radio awards.

Ed Sheeran shares two kids with his wife Cherry Seaborn.

In September 2020, Ed posted to Instagram welcoming the birth of his first child, a daughter. He showed off a photo of tiny baby socks and wrote, “Ello! A quick message from me as I have some personal news that I wanted to share with you … Last week, with the help of an amazing delivery team, Cherry gave birth to our beautiful and healthy daughter — Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran.”

He added, “We are completely in love with her. Both mum and baby are doing amazing and we are on cloud nine over here. We hope that you can respect our privacy at this time. Lots of love and I’ll see you when it’s time to come back.” Lyra shares her name with the feisty protagonist of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials book series, and Antarctica comes from the continent Ed and Cherry visited pre-pregnancy.

On May 19, 2022, Ed shocked the world by announcing the arrival of a second daughter! In another Instagram post featuring adorably tiny baby socks, he wrote briefly, “Want to let you all know we’ve had another beautiful baby girl. We are both so in love with her, and over the moon to be a family of 4.”

The announcement comes as even more of a shock due to Ed’s recent tour, which will extend through 2023. Many are surprised Ed wouldn’t take a break in his schedule for something as important as the birth of his child, but it’s also possible that, much like Lyra’s birth, the pair have kept the birth secret for several months until they were ready to reveal daughter #2 to the world.

Ed Sheeran loves giving his children unique names.

Unlike his last announcement, Ed didn’t give any hints about his younger daughter’s name. According to ABC News in 2021, Ed confirmed that Lyra was named for the His Dark Materials protagonist and that her middle name, Antarctica, comes from the chilly continent where he and Cherry vacationed before she was pregnant. He also revealed they chose their daughter’s name to be one-of-a-kind.

Ed Sheeran walks the red carpet at the 2022 BRIT awards.
Ed Sheeran walks the red carpet at the 2022 BRIT awards.

Ed said, “I realize some people think [Lyra Antarctica] quite a strange name. But my wife’s called Cherry, and she is the only Cherry that I’ve ever met, and I think that she’s the only Cherry that she’s ever met, and I quite like that.” Many fans have since theorized that Ed’s second daughter could also be given a unique name, potentially literary-based.

Later on, it was revealed that Ed and Cherry’s second daughter is called Jupiter Seaborn Sheeran.

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