OnlyFans Model Ashly Schwan Forced To Move After Stalker Sends Disturbing Backyard Knife Photo

YouTuber and OnlyFans star Ashly Schwan has revealed the disturbing stalker incident that forced her to move not once, but twice.

Ashly Schwan is one of the most popular OnlyFans content creators and believes surgeries have given her the “best knockers” on the platform.

Sadly, with such success there often comes controversy and that’s what happened when the creator began to deal with a major stalking problem.

Stalkers aren’t exactly new in the world of digital celebrities with many revealing their own disturbing encounters, but Schwan’s took things to a disturbing new level that forced the OF star to change houses.

ashly schwan stalker incident
Schwan says a stalker was at her house with a knife.

OnlyFans model reveals disturbing stalker incident

With over 450,000 followers on Instagram and even more on OnlyFans, Schwan has built up a large fan base, but some have gone from simply enjoying her content to becoming obsessive.

During an appearance on Barstool Sports’ OnlyStans podcast, Schwan explained how she was talking to a guy on the platform who she thought was “sweet.

(segment begins at 29:30 for mobile users)

After not logging in for a couple of days, she said she checked her inbox and discovered that he had sent photos outside of her house with a knife.

While the fan insisted it was just a “hiking” picture, the model wasn’t buying it.

“Some people aren’t fully there… I had to move!” she exclaimed. “Thank God, I’ve had to move like twice since then.”

The content creator says she is safe now, but the disturbing incident has left quite an impression on her, to say the least.

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