10 Fun Facts About Peter Kay: Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, Tour, Cancer Illness, Weight Loss, Wiki, Bio

Bolton-born comedian Peter Kay has created memorable comedy shows including Phoenix Nights and Peter Kay’s Car Share, as well as huge stand-up tours.

Comedians are magical beings who in their unique ways bring smiles to the faces of many. One of the names that come to mind when talking about comedians is Peter Kay.

Peter Kay is a comedian, actor, author, and philanthropist. He recently made a comeback after a long hiatus and is currently doing a stand-up comedy tour.

The comedian and his spouse are the directors of Goodnight Vienna Productions. He made the Guinness World Record for the most successful comedy tour. Peter Kay is a multi-gifted artist.

There is more about the stand-up comedian than just his known career of entertaining people. He is a family man, and a man of many gifts. TheVibely has gathered 10 interesting things to know about him.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Peter Kay
Net Worth:$70 million
Profession:Comedian, voice actor, producer, and screenwriter
Full Real Name:Peter John Kay
Birthday:2nd July 1973
Age:49 years (as of 2023)
Birthplace:Bolton, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Current Residence:United Kingdom
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Religion:Christianity (Roman Catholic)
Height:5 feet 8 inches (in centimetres 174)
Weight:267 Ibs (before weight loss) kilograms 121 (before weight loss).
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Susan Gargan
Father:Michael John Kay
Mother:Margaret Deirdre O’Neill
Alma Mater:University of Salford
Facebook:@Peter Kay
The comedian wears a Shosec security staff jacket while giving a speech on the terror attacks in Manchester, England. Photo: @Shirlaine Forrest Source: Getty Images

1. Who is Peter Kay?

Peter Kay is a gifted comedian, comedy writer, and actor. He is ranked among the funniest people in the United Kingdom and the world. His talent has been praised by fellow comedians and fans. He has appeared in multiple television and film production and authored books.

The England’s sought-after comedian’s uncanny sense of humour has attracted numerous people towards him. He is passionate about making the world a happier place. Besides comedy, he is an actor, producer, author, and screenwriter.

Peter Kay is a self-proclaimed homebody and family man. Interestingly, he would rather be at home with his children and spouse than out doing shows.

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2. How old is Peter Kay?

Comedian Peter Kay is 49 years as of 2023. He was born on 2nd July 1973, and his Zodiac sign is Cancer.

The comedian watches on as Serena Williams & Angelique Kerber play in the Ladies Singles Final match of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships in London, England. Photo: @Adam Davy/Press Association Source: Getty Images

3. Where is Peter Kay from?

The comedian and actor is from the United Kingdom. He was born and raised in Bolton, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom. His nationality is British, and his ethnicity is Irish.

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4. Who are Peter Kay’s parents?

The comedian’s father’s name is Michael John Kay. He was an engineer who passed away right before his son’s career took off.

His mother is Margaret Deirdre O’Neill. The comedian and actor was raised in a strict Roman Catholic household.

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5. Where did Peter Kay go to school?

The comedian went to local elementary and high schools in England. After graduating high school, he joined the University of Liverpool to pursue a degree programme in Drama, Theatre Studies and English Literature.

He struggled with the course, so he dropped out. Instead, he joined the University of Salford’s Adelphi Campus School of Media, Music and Performance. He pursued a Higher National Diploma in media performance.

19th July 2016 was a monumental period in his life. On that day, he received an Honorary Doctor of Arts degree from the University of Salford. The award was in honour of his contribution to the world of entertainment.

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6. How tall is Peter Kay?

The comedian is 5′ 8″ or 174 centimetres tall. He has green eyes and dark brown hair.

Before taking a hiatus from his career, he weighed about 267 pounds or 121 kilograms. It is apparent that he lost weight when he was away, but his new weight is yet to be confirmed. When he made a comeback, he joked about weight loss.

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7. Is Peter Kay married?

Yes, the comedian and actor is married. His wife is Susan Gargan, a lady who prefers to live her life away from the cameras. The lovebirds first met in 1998 in a nightclub in Bolton.

At the time, Peter Kay’s wife was employed at a local Boots, while Peter worked at the local cinema. After striking up a conversation in the club, Susan agreed to go on a date with him the next evening.

During one of their first dates at Blackburn Ice Arena, an accident happened, and the two were rushed to the emergency room. The lovebirds dated for a while and got married in 2001.

Does Peter Kay have children? They are blessed with three children. The name of their first child is Charlie Michael Kay, while the other two remain unknown in the public domain.

He is a responsible family man and even had to cancel shows as he took a break from his career to focus on his family.

Many people were surprised when the comedian announced he would be taking a break from his career in December 2017. Due to unprecedented family circumstances, he cancelled his Live Arena Tour and all of his work projects.

After the announcement, it was reported he had relocated temporarily to Ireland with his family. The comedian has spoken about how fame is not as important to him as his family.

On 6th November 2022, he announced his return to stand-up comedy. Peter Kay’s tour began in December 2022 and is set to end in July 2025.

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8. What disease does Peter Kay have?

There have been reports that Peter Kay’s illness is cancer, but that is incorrect information. He is not terminally ill. Rumours of his cancer sickness started because he is quite vocal about the disease and does charity events to support cancer research and patients.

In 2020, it was rumoured that the comedian’s wife had cancer. News of Peter Kay’s wife’s cancer turned out to be erroneous. Susan Gargan came out and dismissed the rumours as false.

In 2021, he briefly made a comeback from his break fundraise for Laura Nuttall, who had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Laura Nuttall and Peter Kay are family friends.

What condition does Peter Kay have? In early December 2022, the comedian disclosed he had undergone surgery for kidney stones. He left the audience in stitches as he recalled his hospital trip to have the operation.

9. Peter Kay is a man of many hats and has an impressive career.

The comedian survived on odd jobs in his late teenagehood and early adulthood. He worked in a toilet roll factory, Netto supermarket, petrol station, cash and carry, and bingo hall. His experiences in these workplaces shaped the person he is today.

The comedian began his television career in the 1990s. He is also actively involved in theatre productions and stand-up comedy shows.

He has Writing, directing, and producing to his resume.

In addition to acting, the comedian is a writer, producer, and director. He has 19 writer, 10 director, and five producer credits. Car Share, Special Kay, Britain’s Got the Pop Factor, Comic Relief (I’m Gonna Be) 500, Miles Max & Paddy’s The Power of Two, Phoenix Nights, and Britain’s Got the Extra Pop Factor and Then Some 2 + 1.

He is also an author.

The comedian has authored several books, and some are best sellers. His books are include; Saturday Night Peter by Kay, Saturday Night Peter, Phoenix Nights: The Scripts, The Book That’s More Than Just a Book – Book, and The Sound of Laughter: The Autobiography of Peter Kay.

Stand-up comedy

Stand-up comedy The comedian’s passion is making the world happier through laughter. He started stand-up comedy at a local cinema. After the cinema shut down, he became a contestant and won So You Think You’re Funny?

Eventually, he started hosting stand-up shows and tours. Today, his events sell out within minutes, and he is recognised as one of Britain’s top stand-up comedians. If you wish to know the latest details of Peter Kay’s tour, check his official website.

Was Peter Kay in Doctor Who?

Yes, on 17th June 2006, he appeared in an episode of Doctor Who titled Love & Monsters. He has 33 actor, 19 writer, 10 director, and five producer credits.

What is Peter Kay’s Dance for Life?

In 2020, the comedian announced he would host three-hour parties called Dance for Life, but the events were pushed to the spring of 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Tickets for the events sold out within 30 minutes.

During these parties, he assumed the moniker Dj PK and took over the turntables to offer attendees a lifetime experience. The monies collected from the parties were donated to cancer research foundations in England.

What is Peter Kay doing now?

The comedian is currently doing stand-up comedy. He is on his first tour since returning from his 2017-2022 hiatus.

Peter Kay
The comedian poses in the Winners’ Room at the House Of Fraser British Academy Television Awards 2016 at the Royal Festival Hall in London, England. Photo: @Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Source: Getty Images

10. What is Peter Kay’s net worth?

The comedian has an estimated current net worth of $70 million. His wealth comes from his illustrious comedy, authorship, and acting career.

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