Does Piper Rockelle Have A Dad and What Movies, Shows Has She Been In?

Piper Rockelle became famous for being a TikTok and YouTube star. Her mother is Tiffany Rockelle, but who is her father?

TikTok has been the catalyst for stars like Charli D’Amelio, Khaby Lame, and Addison Rae. One of the most popular TikTokers around is @Piperrockelle. Piper has racked up so many fans on the social media platform.

Not only is she famous on TikTok, but she also has over 5 million followers on Instagram, and over 9 million subscribers on YouTube making her a complete social media celebrity.

On social media, many have known her mother to be Tiffany Rockelle, however, her father’s identity remains a mystery. So, get to know more about her dad, and other biography facts about Piper.

Piper Rockelle

Who is Piper Rockelle?

Piper Rockelle is an American social media personality, gymnast, singer, dancer, and actress known for her prank videos, challenges, and music videos.

She competed in beauty pageants and did some modeling before finding a following on social media. 

Piper Rockelle was born on 21st August 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia, making her 15 years old in 2022. 

What movies or shows has Piper Rockeele been in?

Her first notable role was Sky in the web series Mani between 2017 and 2018 on the YouTube channel ‘Brat TV’, Chicken Girls in 2018, she starred in the reality series Piperazzi. She was in a movie called Dark Eyes. Her most popular original songs include “Treat Myself” and “Butterflies.” She has a pug named Frank. Piper was nominated for the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Social Star Award. Her fans are called the “Piperazzi” or “Bbys”.

How did Piper Rockelle get so famous?

Piper Rockelle is a well-known social media celebrity. She gained popularity for her YouTube channel, TikTok account, and Instagram page where she has 9.33 million subs, 9.8 million followers, and 5.3 million followers respectively.

Her fans are known as the #Piperazzi. She has taken surfing lessons. On TikTok, she has earned over 9 million fans for her comedy videos and choreographed dance routines with friends. 

She has danced with Elliana Walmsley on TikTok.

Piper then re-started her TikTok channel in 2020 after her previous account was banned, growing her audience through her catchy dance videos which she often shoots alongside her friends and family. It is not clear, though, why her first account ran into problems, or when she initially joined the platform. 

Piper began her YouTube channel on November 29, 2016, performing pranks on her squad members. She is also known for her music videos. Piper also runs a successful YouTube channel, which has amassed over 9 million subscribers, where she films funny trends like doing the opposite of what her parents say for 24 hours, turning her house into a trampoline park, and playing Squid Game in real life.

The YouTuber also uploads her own music videos onto the platform. She began her YouTube channel in 2016, and she has her own collection of YouTubers who make videos together, called The Squad, which includes her current boyfriend Lev Cameron.

In 2022, her YouTube channel got demonetized after a list of abuse allegations had been filed against Rockelle’s mother. She was also removed from the platform’s Partner Program.

Her mother’s name is Tiffany but does she has a father?

Piper was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and was raised by her mother, Tiffany. Regarding her father, she doesn’t know him and had only met him once in her childhood, and didn’t remember him being around for the family.

She is, however, very close with her grandparents, who are presumably from her mother’s side. 

As for her siblings, Piper has two brothers named Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill, the latter being the editor and cameraman who often helps edit her videos.

Piper and her mom Tiffany had rescued over 100 cats in Georgia and had 17 cats living with them.

She has a pug named Frank Pugan who has generated a social following of his own.

In March of 2022, she announced that her mom was pregnant and that she was going to be a big sister.

Lev and Pipper

Who is Piper Rockelle dating now and who has she dated before?

Piper Rockelle is currently dating Lev Cameron. Lev Cameron Khmelev (b. October 11, 2005) is an American professional dancer, YouTuber, and singer. He began dancing at five years old and started competing on shows like ‘Little Big Shots’, ‘Dancing With The Stars Junior’, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, and more. He has also been featured in Justin Timberlake’s music videos.

The pair have actually been in a relationship for nearly two years, beginning to date in May 2020 (When Piper would have been 13, and Lev would have been 14). On Valentine’s Day 2020, she was asked to be Lev Cameron Khmelev’s valentine.

Piper and Gavin Magnus had dated in early 2019. Like how Piper does with Lev, Piper and Gavin often appear in each other’s social media posts and music videos, considering that Gavin is also a musician.

In July 2019, they announced that they had split, because they had been fighting off-camera for quite a while.

Magnus proceeded to say in an interview that it wasn’t Piper’s fault but rather her mother for making a toxic environment around them. The two have seemingly reconciled and are now making videos together daily, even making music videos together.

However, they continued to remain friends, and even now feature in each other’s videos, though not as much as they did before.

As of 2022, they are friends and still do follow each other on social media.

What is Piper Rockelle’s net worth?

Piper Rockelle has an estimated net worth of $2 million (£1.5 Million) in 2022.

Piper is thought to earn money through brand sponsorships and production opportunities on her social channels. She often posts about brands like Aeropostale and is also a brand ambassador for “age-appropriate” makeup brand Petite ‘N Pretty. 

The social media star has also launched her own merchandise brand, Bby by Piper Rockelle, and is currently touring her music around the US, UK and Canada. 

What is The Squad?

Piper Rockelle’s Squad is the name for her group of friends, all influencers themselves. To date, her Squad members are Piper Rockelle, Lev Cameron, Jentzen Ramirez, Elliana Walmsley, Emily Dobson, and Jenna Davis. The squad was formed and founded by Piper and her former best friend Sophie Fergi who had left because of incidents behind-the-scenes, which was later revealed to the internet and social media by Sophie Fergi on her youtube channel.

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