10 Fun Facts About Lil 50 (Rapper Walkdownn50): Net Worth, Age, Parents, Girlfriend, Instagram, Tattoo, Wiki, Bio

Who is Lil 50 and how did he become famous? Is Lil Tjay signing Lil 50? Biography facts to know about teen rapper Walkdownn50.

If you are an obsessed fan of Lil Tjay you must know about this teen from Cleveland Ohio who is taking the internet by storm with his rap skills.

Lil 50 is a budding teen singer and rapper who is known for his similarities with the “Calling my phone” hitmaker.

Since he got the attention of the public, he has faced controversies about having bad parental guidance, especially for his use of curse words, showing guns, and smoking in his videos.

TheVibely has gathered 10 facts about the teen rapper that everyone who is interested to know more about him to check out.

10 Fun Facts About Lil 50 (Rapper): Net Worth, Age, Parents, Tattoos, Lil TJay, Songs, Girlfriend, Walkdownn50, Instagram, TikTok, Pictures, Etc
Lil 50.
Source: Instagram

1. Who is Lil 50?

Lil 50 also known on Instagram with the handle @walkdownn50 is a teenage talented budding rapper who has taken over the internet with his unique style of singing and rapping and also he’s likened to rapper Lil Tjay. He is best known for songs like “Freddie N Jason”, “Out The SunRoof”, “Ready to Slide”, and “Start It Off” – all of these songs can be found on his self-named YouTube channel.

He began releasing music in early 2022. One of his first releases is the “START IT OFF FREESTYLE”.

His music videos have been viewed more than 8 million times on his official YouTube channel. He engages with fans on Instagram where he posts fashion and lifestyle photos.

10 Fun Facts About Lil 50 (Rapper): Net Worth, Age, Parents, Tattoos, Lil TJay, Songs, Girlfriend, Walkdownn50, Instagram, TikTok, Pictures, Etc
Lil 50.
Source: Instagram

2. How did Lil 50 become famous?

Lil 50 caught the attention of the public after his songs were shared by American rapper and singer Tione Jayden Merritt, known professionally as Lil Tjay on his social media platforms as a means of endorsement. He was also rumored to be shot in 2020 with his elder brother but there was no substantial evidence of such speculations.

He currently has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and almost 100K subscribers on YouTube.

10 Fun Facts About Lil 50 (Rapper): Net Worth, Age, Parents, Tattoos, Lil TJay, Songs, Girlfriend, Walkdownn50, Instagram, TikTok, Pictures, Etc
Lil 50 and Lil TJay.
Source: Instagram

3. Where does Lil 50 come from?

Lil 50 is from Cleveland Ohio in the United States. This means he is an American by nationality. He is the youngest to do it in his city. In one of his Instagram posts where he shared pictures with Lil Tjay, he captioned it with “I put on fa my city youngest one to do it, this ain’t no persona’ NO CAP  #YoungestinCharge“.

Lil 50.
Source: Instagram

4. How old is Lil 50?

Rapper Lil 50 was born in the United States on January 1, 2008. He’s 15 years old today, per AllFamous. His age became a hot topic among netizens especially due to his portrayal as a grown man, however, in one of his songs released in 2022, he made mentioned his actual age as 14.

Lil 50’s Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

5. He sings and raps like his idol – Lil Tjay.

Lil 50 and Lil Tjay have striking resemblances in their voices in their songs. Aside from the fact that Lil 50 is young and has got a tiny voice, his songs could have been easily mistaken to be Lil Tjay’s.

For anyone who doesn’t know Lil Tjay, he is an American rapper and singer known in real life as Tione Jayden Merritt. He rose to prominence in 2018 with his song “Resume,” and signed to Columbia Records later that year. His stage name is derived from the first letter of his first name and the first three letters of his middle name.

Lil 50 flaunting his tattoos.
Source: Instagram

6. His parents and guardians are not known yet.

“Who are the parents of Lil 50?” has become one of the most asked questions on the internet since he got the attention of the public. Mostly, this particular question pops up from netizens when they raise awareness of the bad parenting he’s been given considering his age and his constant smoking, talking about guns, and using curse words. At the moment, there is no information regarding the names of Lil 50’s parents, relatives, or siblings. At just 14, he also has tattoos on his body.

The future of hip-hop is in good hands smh. ??‍♂️? #JaytographyWTFMoments ?. Just learning of 13-year-old Cleveland rapper #Lil50. As much as we want to go in depth about this one, we’re gonna just leave this here. Hope it’s not true that #LilTJay is considering signing him as an artist for this type of substance. Where is the guidance?” – jungletographytv

7. He is hated by many for being underage and showcasing guns, weed, and smoking in his videos.

Lil 50 is a talented young rapper who has a future however, many netizens have expressed their disgust at seeing him rap about guns, use curse words throughout his songs, and showcase hard drugs in his videos.

8. NYC major Eric Adams played a song of the 14-year-old where he was rapping about guns at a such young age to defend the police.

The New York City major, Eric Adams while addressing major issues about social vices at the Police Department played Lil 50’s song to defend the NYC Police. In his speech, he lamented the fact that the teen should not be engaging in acts for others of his age to also learn from him.

Lil 50 with his idol, Lil Tjay. Source: Instagram

9. Lil TJay has shown interest in signing him.

“In My Head” hitmaker, Lil Tjay has shown interest in signing Lil 50. On his social media platform, he shared a freestyle from the teen and captioned it with “I sent 4 to his neck now his ? can’t breathe ….♨️♨️??? .. what’s ya first impression of FREDDIE N JASON ?? ?? or ??“. Aside from that, Lil Tjay showed up for the video shoot of Lil 50’s single titled “Freddie N Jason”.

Lil 50 flaunting some thousands of dollars.
Source: Instagram

10. What is Lil 50’s net worth?

The 15-year-old rapper from Cleveland Ohio is one of the fast-rising teen rappers on the internet at the moment. His actual worth is not known however, Lil 50 has an estimated net worth of $100K – $500K.

Quick info

Celebrated Name:Lil 50
Net Worth:$100K to $500K
Real Name:N/A
Famous for:over 200k Followers on Instagram
Age:15 years old (as of 2023)
Birthday:January 1, 2008
Birthplace:Cleveland, OH, United States of America

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