Is Sean Evans In A Relationship, Who Has He Dated? His Current Girlfriend, Exes, Dating History Explored

Who is Sean Evans dating right now? Who’s his “hot one”? Here’s what we know about his love life.

The popular celebrity interview YouTube series Hot Ones wouldn’t be the same without its extremely knowledgeable and hot sauce-obsessed host, Sean Evans. It takes a special level of charm to convince powerhouse celebs like Florence Pugh, Pedro PascalJenna Ortega, and many more to answer questions about themselves while eating increasingly spicy chicken wings on camera for millions of viewers

Sean is known to be an incredibly talented and detailed interviewer, but that means he’s always asking the questions — not answering them. However, he now has legions of fans who want to know more about him, including details about his love life. So, does Sean Evans have a girlfriend? Is he dating anyone? Here’s what we know.

Sean Evans

Does Sean Evans have a girlfriend?

Sean used to be in a relationship with fellow television host Natasha Alexis Martinez, but it seems they are no longer together. Natasha is a former Laker girl and Miss California USA 2015. She and Sean may have gotten together around 2018, but as of late 2022, Natasha has been posting pics with a new man, Zach Nichelman.

It does not appear that Sean is dating anyone else at the moment … at least not publicly. We’re not sure how long his relationship with Natasha lasted, but it may not have ended well based on the scrubbing of both of their Instagram accounts that seems to have taken place.

However, Sean has been killing it with Hot Ones and his star is only on the rise.

Sean does not just “wing” (pun intended) his interviews.

If you’re a fan of the First We Feast interview series, then you know that Sean’s interviews are straight fire. And, we’re not just talking about the Scoville heat coming from his and his guests’ mouths.

“As soon as we know [who the guest is], it’s like a fire drill. … I know I probably have 96 hours to figure out as much about [the guest] as possible,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

He continued, “With the research and putting together the run of show, it’s a team of three people: me; the creator of the show, Chris Schonberger; and my little brother, Gavin. We divide it up — I’ll take these podcasts, profiles, these YouTube interviews; you watch Parks and Recreation, figure out the certain Hot Ones tropes and connections that we can make organic and real in the interview.”

Sean explained to the outlet that they’ll each reveal the topics that are “worth touching on” and divide them up into thesis questions with a few follow-ups.   

Sean Evans dished on his dream ‘Hot Ones’ guest.

Since the show’s creation, Hot Ones has become a place for A-list celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Rudd, and more to sit down, eat chicken wings, and answer questions. However, there is still at least one guest that the popular host is hoping will one day want to eat spicy food with him.

Sean told People magazine that his idol, Howard Stern, is someone he’d love to have on his show. “Will Howard be scorching on chicken wings for the internet’s amusement? Knowing what I know about him, as a gambling man, I don’t know if that’s where the money is,” he told the outlet. Holding out a bit of hope, he added, “But you never know.”

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