50 Sofia Chicorelli Serna (Dhar Mann) Facts: Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Parents, Movies, Photos

Biography facts about Sofia Chicorelli Serna, the teen actress known online as Psycho Mantis who appears in Dhar Mann‘s motivational videos.

Sofia Chicorelli Serna, also popular as Psycho Mantis, is a renowned 15-year-old American child actress and YouTuber born on June 28, 2006, in California, United States.

She is well recognized for starring in a 2018 American action-war film “12 Strong” and others like Game Therapy. 

Sofia has been in the spotlight recently due to her role in a mini-TV series Dhar Mann. The series consists of short, motivational videos focused on life, business, and relationships.

She has gained fame after her presence in Dhar Mann videos including amassing a huge following on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

What is Sofia Chicorelli Serna’s net worth? Is Sofia Chicorelli Serna dating? Why is Sofia Chicorelli Serna famous? What is Sofia Chicorelli Serna in? Is Sofia Chicorelli Serna a gamer? Read till the end for answers to these and other google search queries.

Sofia Chicorelli Serna Profile Summary

Full Name:Sofia Chicorelli Serna
Celebrated Name:Psycho Mantis in Dhar Mann
Date of Birth (Birthday):June 28, 2006
Age:15 Years Old
Birthplace:California, United States
Height:4 feet 11 inches. Centimeter: 149 cm and in Meter: 1.49 m.
Residence:Oakland, California, United States
Parents:Her father’s name is Huseyin Chicorelli and her mother’s name is Janet Serna
Siblings:One brother
YouTube Channel Name:Sofia Chicorelli Serna with 11.7K subs
Zodiac (Birth) Sign:Cancer
Annual Income:N/A
Net Worth:$500K – $1 million
Sofia Chicorelli Serna (Dhar Mann) Facts

Check out these facts about Dhar Mann’s teen actor, Sofia Chicorelli Serna.

Biography, Background, Family Life, Personal Life

#1. Her full name is Sofia Chicorelli Serna.

#2. In Dhar Mann, she is known for the nickname Psycho Mantis.

#3. Serna’s nationality is American.

#4. Sofia Chicorelli Serna lives in Oakland, California, United States.

#5. She was born on June 28, 2006.

#6. Her place of birth is California.

#7. Sofia Chicorelli Serna is 15 years old as of 2021.

#8. Her birth (zodiac) sign is Cancer.

#9. Sofia Chicorelli Serna known online as Psycho Mantis is famous/best known as an American YouTuber and child actress.

#10. She is a television and film actress who is recognized for her work on Dhar Mann‘s self-titled TV series.

#11. She has a pet cat named Precious.

#12. She has an older brother.

#13. She belongs to mixed ethnicity.

#14. Moving on to her family background, Sofia Chicorelli belongs to a loving and supportive family.

#15. She was born to her father Huseyin Chicorelli and her mother Janet Serna.

#16. Serna is quite secretive when it comes to her private details.

#17. Well, we have no idea about what her parents do for a living and also their background. 

#18. Serna is too young to be dating anybody at present. So, she is single. However, in the future, she is certainly planning to be with someone who loves her for being herself. But now she is keeping all her focus on her studies and career and enjoying quality time with her family and friends. 

#19. Her height in feet: 4 feet 11 inches. Centimeter: 149 cm and in Meter: 1.49 m.

#20. Her weight in Kilogram: 41 kg and in Pounds: 90 lb. 

#21. Serna is slim and has brown colored hair and eye.

#22. Sofia’s boyfriend is not known at the moment. 

#23. Moreover, discussing her educational background, Sofia is still learning.

#24. She has not shared any details about her education anyways.

#25. But considering her age, she must be in ninth grade.

#26. Likewise, Sofia has not revealed the name of the school she attends. 

Sofia Chicorelli Serna (Dhar Mann) Facts

Acting Career

#27. Sofia began her acting career in the year 2014 making her debut in the movie Heritage as Hakim’s sister.

#28. So, Serna has been almost seven years now.

#29. She also played a patient from Atul: Emotions, the beach child from Perspective, a student from JA-9, the Afghan Girl from 12 Strong, and Veronica from Game Therapy.

#30. Despite being well known for playing characters from Dhar Mann’s videos, she is not the first YouTuber who she has been acting for – she played a character of the same name in Lele Pons and Hannah Stocking from the episode “I’m an Instagram Model” and was the intro girl in Bart Baker‘s Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj: Bitch I’m Madonna Parody.

Sofia Chicorelli Serna (Dhar Mann) Facts


#31. In 2019 she began acting in Dhar Mann’s videos.

#32. In Dhar Mann, she is often being typecast as a shy/meek girl who was sensitive, prone to crying, and a frequent target of bullying.

#33. She is best known for playing the role of Sam/Psychomantis, a girl who wants to be a gamer just like her idol SSSniperWolf, despite her sexist mother not allowing her.

#34. However after she receives a PS5 from her idol, her mother drops her beliefs and she becomes a professional gamer and earns a lot of fame and money.

#35. This in itself brings more issues such as a bully targeting her due to her fame, but she earns his friendship by paying for his rent and car.

#36. “Sam” and SSSniperWolf appear in more miscellaneous videos, though with minor roles.

#37. She has also done work with Lele Pons.

#38. She appeared as an extra in the 2018 film “12 Strong” and others like Game Therapy.

#39. She has done acting work with Hannah Stocking.

#40. In all, she has acted in the movies Heritage, Vengeance Turns, The Muse Will Find You Working, Ja-9, Atul: Emotions, Perspective, Esperanza.

#41. She met her best friend, Brianna S. Walker while working at Dhar Mann Studios.

#42. She is active in her YouTube career and has a good amount of fan following.

#43. On May 25, 2021, she started her own YouTube channel.

#44. Her style of YouTubing is Vlogs.

Sofia Chicorelli Serna (Dhar Mann) Facts

What is Sofia Chicorelli Serna’s net worth?

#45. As of 2021, according to some online sources, Sofia Chicorelli Serna’s estimated net worth is ranged between $500k – $1 million, which is an impressive sum for fourteen years old.

#46. She earns such a significant amount from her acting and social media career. 

Sofia Chicorelli Serna (Dhar Mann) Facts

Social Media Accounts

#47. The beautiful young actress is available on Instagram and YouTube with a huge fan following. On Instagram, she goes with the username @chicorelli_lite and has gathered 126k followers as of October 2021.

#48. Likewise, she has gathered 11.7K subscribers on her self-named YouTube channel

#49. IMDb

#50. TikTok

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