Who Is Steven Crowder Married To? He Trends For Verbally Berating His Pregnant Wife Amid Divorce Rumors

Conservative commentator Steven Crowder is getting a divorce. A video showing him verbally berating his then-pregnant wife may explain why.

Conservative political commentator Steven Crowder is getting a divorce. And while that’s not exactly newsworthy, he confusingly released a video on the Rumble Video platform semi-explaining what led to the separation.

In the video, Steven claims his wife Hilary Crowder is the only one who wants the divorce. He appears to be confused by it. In response to this, journalist Yashar Ali released an exclusive video given to him by Hilary’s family, which tells a different story. Suddenly Steven Crowder’s divorce has more clarity. Here’s what we know.

Steven Crowder is getting a divorce and he rejects this notion.

It’s kind of hard to feel sympathy for a man who has regularly spewed racist, transphobic, and misogynistic vitriol into the world via his Louder With Crowder podcast. On April 25, 2023, when Steven announced his divorce in an episode of his podcast, no tears were shed, especially when he shared some very dark thoughts on the matter. “I have been living with a proverbial boot on my neck, for going on years now,” says the man who won’t stop harassing members of vulnerable communities.


“Since 2021, I’ve been living through what has increasingly been a horrendous divorce,” he says. He then assures everyone that neither he nor his soon-to-be ex-wife Hilary were abusive to each other in any way. “There was no infidelity,” notes Steven. That’s the good news. The bad news is, Steven doesn’t believe his wife should have the right to divorce him. Based on everything he’s ever said publicly, this gross nonsense checks out.

“My then-wife decided that she didn’t want to be married anymore,” explains Steven. “And in the state of Texas, that is completely permitted.” To recap: Steven is really struggling with the idea that his wife can simply leave him. In the legal world, this is called a “no-fault” divorce and according to Cornell Law School it’s when the filing spouse “claims as grounds for the divorce that the couple cannot get along and the marriage has factually broken down.”

Steven Crowder thinks people should stay together for the kids regardless of what’s going on.

Steven and his ex-wife Hilary share two children, a set of twins, which will prove to complicate things a bit more. Thankfully, Steven is just as weird about this as he is about the divorce itself. Why change your brand? “Just so you know, my opinions on parenting and families have not changed. I’ve always believed that children need a mom and a dad,” he says on the April 25 episode. Here’s the thing; they will still have both. They just won’t have a miserable mom, we assume based on the divorce of it all, married to a bigoted dad.

Steven then doubles down on his previous issue with his wife’s ability to divorce him. “In today’s legal system, my beliefs don’t matter,” he reminds us when espousing his opinion that divorce is bad. That’s right, Steven, the legal system forgot to check with you. “In Texas, divorce is permitted when one party wants it, period,” he says. We’re gonna go out on a limb and say if Steven wanted a divorce and Hilary didn’t, his opinion about the Texas legal system would be drastically different.

Then, he finally mentions his kids: “So for well over a year, in the best interest as well as the physical safety of my children, we’ve decided to keep this issue private and to resolve it privately with the appropriate attorneys.” He then says his children are blameless, which feels unnecessary as they aren’t even 2 years old. Again he says this is good for them “emotionally and physically,” which is very ominous.

Steven Crowder is seen verbally berating his pregnant wife in a video.

In a newsletter released via journalist Yashar Ali’s substack, a Ring camera video shows an argument between Steven and his wife, who was almost eight months pregnant at the time. In it, Steven is sitting on their patio smoking while Hilary is begging to use the car to go grocery shopping. He says “no,” citing her inability to perform “wifely duties.” When she expresses concern about giving their dog medication that she is uncomfortable handling due to the pregnancy, he suggests she “wear gloves.”

Many people have questioned why someone who is financially capable of having two cars would only have one, noting that it’s a tactic employed by abusers to control their partners. “The only way out of this is discipline and respect,” he says to her. Hilary repeatedly tells Steven she loves him, in a clear effort to placate him. (Some are saying this is an example of “fawning,” which according to Psychology Today is a “response to a threat by becoming more appealing to the threat.” — i..e, she is people-pleasing to protect herself.)

Steven also questions Hilary’s commitment to him after she says I love you and demands she proves this by walking the dogs and putting on some gloves. Steven is now attempting to flip things around by becoming the victim, as many people are pointing out. At this point, Hilary is begging for some space which is met by Steven standing up and moving closer to her.

The video ends with a caption that reads, “As the Crowders head inside, Steven gets angrier and angrier, and by his own admission screams, ‘I will f–k you up!’ at his pregnant wife Hilary who then flees their home.”

The alleged abuse didn’t start there. Ali adds, “In a statement sent to me by Hilary Crowder’s family, they say she spent years hiding her husband’s mental and emotional abuse from her family. Steven lied about the circumstances around their divorce, and he wasn’t present for the birth of their children.” Per the newsletter, Hilary is currently living in Dallas with her children, separately from Steven.

Steven Crowder said his wedding to Hilary “was nothing short of amazing”
Source: TheSun

Who is Steven Crowder’s estranged wife Hilary Crowder?

Hilary Crowder née Korzon is an interior decorator and former sales manager.

Hilary also studied political science at Calvin College in Michigan and graduated in 2010.

The former pair, who were last known to live in Dallas, Texas, per TheSun, have been open about being devout Christians.

Steven was previously known for regularly sharing snaps of his wife with his 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

In 2021, he shared photos of Hilary in the hospital and later explained she suffers from Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS).

GBS is a condition where nerve cells are damaged and can lead to muscle weakness and even paralysis.

Although Steven has over 5.89 million YouTube subscribers on his political commentary YouTube channel Louder with Crowder, Hilary seems to enjoy her privacy.

He is also known for his unique “Change My Mind” segment where he sets up a table with a sign, inviting people to change their minds on a particular subject.

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