The Kardashian Family Reportedly Want Blac Chyna To Pay Their $390 Court Fee After She Lost Her Defamation Trial Against Them

The Kardashian family says Blac Chyna’s lawsuit has cost them nearly $400K, and now they’re demanding she pays that amount.

Blac Chyna better hopes she wins her next court case against Rob Kardashian because the latter’s family has now laid out the court fees they want her to cover in litigation costs.

The Kardashian family

After losing her $100 million defamation trial against the family last month, a judge ordered the Lashed founder to pay whatever amount the Kardashians spent on the legal proceedings, seeing that the jury ended up ruling in their favor and agreed that the famous clan was not at fault for the cancelation of Chyna’s show, Rob & Chyna.

Now, lawyers for the famous clan have broken down the fees they amassed during the years-long case, amounting to a whopping $390k, per TMZ, which reports that the sum does not include attorneys’ fees.

Keep in mind that Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renée White, filed the defamation lawsuit back in October 2017, prompting the Kardashians to hire legal representation who worked on the case for over four years before the trial commenced in April.

The Kardashian family and Blac Chyna

According to the aforementioned publication, the fees are said to have included $9,325.99 for service of process, $63,078.20 on deposition costs, $19,895 on court reporter fees, and $7,248.35 for hosting electronic documents.

Another $184,871.71 was spent on “models, enlargements, and photocopies of exhibits,” with jury fees amounting to $4,241.

According to reports, almost $97k worth of money goes unaccounted for. The judge stated that the Kardashians are owed their costs but that the court must approve the final sum.

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