Top 10 Richest K-Pop Idols Of All Time And Their Net Worth (2022 List Of Wealthiest Korean Pop Stars)

Who are the richest K-Pop Idols in 2022? Who is the Richest Korean Celebrity in 2022? Check out this list of the top 10 highest-paid K-pop artists in 2022.

In the past few years, K-pop has exploded all over the world. It’s given us music, it’s given us K-pop idols, and it’s given us some extremely wealthy young men and women.

Being a music lover, you will agree with the fact that Korean pop music and idols are trending all over the internet nowadays. The unconventional style of music and performance of artists from multiple popular K-pop groups is the formula of their global success. And who is the most successful and popular K-pop idol has become a heated subject among fans.

In the hearts of the audience, music holds a special place. By listening to music, people feel comfortable. The Korean music industry is highly successful all across the world. There are huge Korean pop stars who reign over the hearts of the general public.

In the Korean music industry, several competitions are held where K-Pop idols or we may claim the Korean pop stars show their panache and boost them to lift young talent in the music industry. There are various numbers of pop stars all over the world, but in Korea, they are very high in size.

While there are several well-known pop stars in Korea, your search for the richest K-pop idols ends here, as this post includes an updated list of the highest-earning top 10 richest K-Pop idols of all time – a 2022 list.

The 10 Richest Kpop Idols in the World Today

These are the richest Korean pop star idols in 2022 and net worths:

10. T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) – $40 Million

Top 10 Richest K-Pop Idols Of All Time And Their Net Worth (2022 List Of Wealthiest Korean Pop Stars)

Coming in at #10 for the richest Kpop idol is T.O.P.  T.O.P is a rapper, singer, songwriter, for the K-Pop group Big Bang. He released the album GD & TOP in 2010 which hit #1 in Korea. TOP has been involved more and more as a record producer and actor these days. He has over 50 song credits.

In addition, he is an avid art collector. He is known to have purchased original artworks from Andy Warhol.  T.O.P has done many TV commercials and it is estimated his price is at least $500,000 for a six-month endorsement deal or $1 million for a year-long endorsement deal.

He owns a villa that is valued at over $2.5 million. He revealed to his fans that he had purchased a whole grape field in Argentina which is known to produce on average, 8,000 bottles of wine.

In addition, he has over 10.6 million followers on Instagram. Some of his endorsements include an outdoor clothing brand called Millet, Cass (Korean Beer), and Nongfu Spring (tea brand). He owns a building in Hannam that is worth over $2 million.

T.O.P estimated Net Worth:  $40 Million

9. Taeyang (Dong Young Bae) – $40 Million

Top 10 Richest K-Pop Idols Of All Time And Their Net Worth (2022 List Of Wealthiest Korean Pop Stars)

Taeyang is a singer and songwriter. Dong-Young Bae, born in 1988 in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, is a member of Big Bang and also had a successful solo career.

He loves playing different instruments, including guitar, piano, and drums. In 2006, he started his career and underwent training for around 6 years.

After six years of study, he dropped his debut album with The Big Bang, a popular band. He has released eight live albums and seven studio albums with Big Bang. In 2010, the release of his debut solo album “Solar” began his solo career. This album was a major success and opened the door for Taeyang to succeed. He has brought back-to-back hits to the music industry with the huge success of Solar.

Similar to G-Dragon, Taeyang is also a fashion icon and has done collaborations with Fendi for “Fendi for Taeyang”. He has over 30 song credits and owns a house that is worth around $3.5 million. In addition, Taeyang owns a building that is worth over $7 million. He is also a shareholder in YG Entertainment and is reported to have invested $600,000 in the company. 

Taeyang married a Korean actress named Min Hyo-Rin in 2018.  

Taeyang estimated Net Worth:  $40 Million

8. Lee Hyori – $45 Million

Top 10 Richest K-Pop Idols Of All Time And Their Net Worth (2022 List Of Wealthiest Korean Pop Stars)

Lee Hyori is a part of the first generation of K-pop stars. She comes in at #8 on our list of the richest Kpop Idols. She started out with a very popular K-pop girl group called Fin.K.L. 

In 2006, she was the highest-paid female K-pop singer. She made even more money through advertising and endorsements for companies like Samsung and Korean soju brand Chum-Churum.

She is married to a very rich producer named Lee Sang-soon in 2013. Together they produced a very popular Korean variety show called Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast. It is filmed at Jeju Island at Hyori’s property called  “Hyori’s Homestay.”

Besides singing Hyori also acted in Korean TV series such as Three Leaf Clover and Korean films such as Dancing Queen.   

Lee Hyori estimated Net Worth:  $45 Million

7. IU (Lee Ji-Eun) – $50 Million

IU is considered one of the most popular K-pop stars in Korea and at the top of the richest female Kpop Idols. She debuted at the young age of 15 as a singer-songwriter.

IU is known for composing and producing her own songs and has gone on to have great success modeling and acting. She has written more than 50 songs for her albums, South Korean dramas or films, and other musicians. This allows her to continually increase her royalty earnings. Her album Good Day was one of the most successful albums of all time.

Recently her track I Give You My Heart from the soundtrack of one of the best Korean dramas of all time Crash Landing on You topped music charts within 3 hours of its release.  

IU has done over 50 advertisements for companies such as Samsung, Sony Korea, SK Telecom, Le Coq Sportif, S-Oil, Guess, and even Korean soju brand Chamisul. She lives in Caelitus which is one of the top Luxury Apartments in Seoul.   

She has created the IU scholarship at her former high school and has donated over $88,000 to the Green Umbrella Children’s Fund.  

IU estimated Net Worth:  $50 Million 

6. Choi Siwon – $55 million

Choi Si-won, a popular singer, songwriter, actor, and model, was born in 1987 on April 7th is part of the Richest K-Pop Idols 2022. He is popular throughout the world and has appeared on Chinese postage stamps.

He is an important member of Super Junior’s South Korean boy band. He has also worked in Korean dramas. He also acted in numerous films and became famous for each of his roles. He achieved fame slowly and gradually by working in various enterprises. With his famous pop songs, which garnered a huge public response, he became successful in the music industry.

An argument could be made that Siwon will end up being #1 when it is all said and done as he is in line to inherit a fortune from his parents. Siwon is a singer, model, songwriter, actor, and businessman. He is a member of Super Junior which had many #1 albums in Korea from 2007 to 2017. Siwon also starred in films such as Attack on the Pin-Up BoysA Battle of Wits, Dragon BladeTo the Fore, and Helios.

In addition, Siwon played lead roles in Korean dramas such as Oh! My Lady and Poseidon. He comes from a very rich family who has an estimated net worth of over $600 Million. They are the owners of the Hyundai Department Store chain. In 2015, Siwon was appointed as the special representative of the South Korea Committee for UNICEF.

Siwon was the king of Twitter followers when Twitter first launched in Korea by being the first K-pop star to reach 3 million followers. Currently, he has 7.2 million followers on Twitter. He has done advertisements in not only Korea but also in China and Thailand. The majority of his income comes from China. He has endorsed companies like Black Jacket, Seoul Milk, and 12 Plus just to name a few.  

Choi Siwon estimated Net Worth:  $55 Million

5. Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) – $60 Million

Rain is a singer, songwriter, dancer, music producer, and actor. His first success came in 2002 when he released his first solo album and appeared on a Korean show. His career has taken off ever since then and he has gone on to do a total of 7 albums. He has done major world tours and has starred in Korean and American films (Ninja Assassin). In 2015, Rain set up his own company called RAIN COMPANY

Rain married Kim Tae Hee who is one of the top female actresses in Korea. They now own a building called “Rain Avenue” in Cheongdam that is worth $42 million. He is using the building as his entertainment company office. Their home is valued at $5 million. They are considered the richest celebrity couple in Korea

Rain estimated Net Worth:  $60 Million

4. G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-Yong) – $60 Million

Kwon Ji-Yong, popularly known as G-Dragon is a rapper, songwriter, producer, model, and fashion trendsetter. He is a member of Big Bang and has written and composed many of their hit songs such as Haru Haru. In all, G-Dragon has over 180 songs copyrighted under his name.

Each of his albums has been successful in gaining tremendous notoriety. His album, Heartbreaker (2009) has taken all of his focus away from them all, and more than 2, 00,000 copies have been sold worldwide. He got several awards as well for his excellent work. As the most powerful man, he had his name listed in Forbes Asia magazine. He has been described as the most influential leader in the world of music and fashion.

G-Dragon also went on to release his own solo album called Heartbreaker. He even collaborated with T.O.P. to release the album GD & TOP. His music revenue mainly comes from his copyrights, Spotify, and YouTube advertisement revenue. He also produces and writes music for himself and other artists which adds to his income. 

Seungri said in an article that his income from several businesses is minuscule compared to G-Dragon, who makes $700,000 a year just on songwriting royalties.

G-Dragon estimated Net Worth:  $60 Million

3. PSY (Park-Jae-sang) – $65 million

PSY is at the top of the Richest K-Pop Idols 2022 list. The most famous Korean artist, lyricist, record producer, and so on is Park Jae Sang, popularly known as PSY is one of the Richest K-Pop Idol 2022 with a net worth of $65 Million. As his music album ‘Gangnam Style’ created a massive bustle on YouTube by getting more than one billion views, he is famous as a “King of YouTube”.

PSY comes from a rich family with his father being the executive chairman of DI Corporation and his mother owning many restaurants around Gangnam. He started his music career in the early 2000s. However, it was in 2010 when he got signed by YG Entertainment that he started to take off. In 2012 alone, he was able to make over $28 million thanks to his hit single.  

Gangnam Style was at one point the most viewed video on YouTube and him a global star. It is estimated Gangnam style generated $20 million from YouTube and streaming services. He also was able to get over 1 million followers on Instagram and he was able to charge around $2,000 per post.  

PSY also owns a condo in Westwood that is estimated to be worth $1.5 million. Since breaking into the U.S. market, he has worked with American musicians such as, Snoop Dog, and Black Eyed Peas just to name a few. 

These days he is very active in being a producer, but he still does concert tours around the world. He was able to make $300,000 for a single concert in Malaysia. Famous record executive Scooter Braun, the manager for Justin Bieber, is also the manager for PSY. He is also a film star and a television star in Korea. PSY has done endorsements for brands like Sonic Drive-in, Wonderful Pistachios, and Haute couture just to name a few. He also is involved with non-profit organizations such as World Vision and Rotary International. 

He succeeded in creating the tale of how, through his relentless and tireless efforts, an individual from a small town became an international star. “MTV recognized his talent and gave him the name “2012 Viral Star”. He got more prestige in a nationally televised New Year’s Eve celebration, in 2012, from his live stage performance. He has set the paragon that your roots do not matte for others

PSY estimated Net Worth:  $65 Million

2. Kim Jaejoong – $100 Million

Kim Jaejoong is second on this list of the richest Kpop Idols. He is a singer, songwriter, actor, director, designer, and businessman. He was a member of the Kpop group JYJ and TVXQ. However, he also had a strong career as an actor in Korean dramas. These dramas include TriangleProtect the BossDr. Jin, and Manhole to name a few. He also started in Korean films such as Jackal is Coming and Heaven’s Postman.  

Kim Jaejoong bought an apartment in 2012 that is now worth close to $3 million. It is a 3,200 square foot penthouse apartment located in Samsung-dong. Two years later he bought the 7-story J-Line Building located in Seocho-dong for $7 million.

He also owns a coffee shop called Cafe J-Holic in Myeondong and another one called Coffee Cojjee in Samsung-dong. In addition, he owns a bar in Gangnam called Holic-J and a Japanese restaurant in Gangnam called Bum Story. Jaejoong recently opened a new branch of KAVE Cafe in Osaka, Japan. In addition, he runs the KAVE MALL in Shibuya, Japan.

He is known for having luxury cars such as the Bentley Continental, Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640, Mitsuoka Himiko, Audi R8, 2 Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Ferrari 458, and a Rolls-Royce Wraith.  

In 2015, Jaejoong started his own fashion company and he designs his own brand which he sells at his luxury clothing store in Cheongdam. 

Kim Jaejoong estimated net worth: $100 Million

1. JYP (Jin Young Park) – $250 Million

JYP is by far the richest Kpop Idols of all time. He had a successful Kpop career during the mid-90s as a singer and songwriter but his wealth didn’t fully take off until he started his own Kpop entertainment company JYP Entertainment.

He is the head of JYP Entertainment and is the richest talent agency owner in terms of stock value (17.8% share). His JYP stock alone is worth $169 million! He established the Kpop entertainment company back in 1997. Now it is not only a record label but also a talent agency, production company, and event management company.

In addition, JYP Entertainment has various subsidiary ventures and divisions around the world. In 2006, JYP Entertainment hit it big with the success of their first girl group Wonder Girls. Then in 2008, they created two successful Kpop boy groups 2 PM and 2 AM.  JYP continues to produce songs to this day. In 2020, Park released a new single “When We Disco” with Sunmi.

JYP Estimated Net Worth: $250 Million+

Below is the full list of the richest Korean Popstar idols in 2022 and their net worth that you need to know…

RankNameNet Worth
1JYP (Jin Young Park)$250 Million
2Kim Jaejoong$100 Million
3PSY (Park-Jae-sang)$65 Million
4G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-Yong)$60 Million
5Rain (Jung Ji Hoon)$60 Million
6Choi Siwon$55 Million
7IU (Lee Ji-Eun)$50 Million
8Lee Hyori$45 Million
9Taeyang (Dong Young Bae)$40 Million
10T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) $40 Million


Koreans have been able to leave a mark on the minds of people worldwide over the year. The talents of these Korean stars do not lie in Korea alone, but they are popular in the universe. Their music and style have rocked the entire world, and people just love to listen to them. That is the explanation; they are famous in the hearts of people as top K-Pop stars. The above names are the richest K-Pop stars of all time.