40 Untold Facts About Antwain Lee Fowler As He’s Confirmed Dead – Cause Of Death, Parents, Age, Bio, Wiki, Photos, Net Worth

All about the social media sensation who became popular following his “where we about to eat at?”, “You got Cheese?” and more viral videos.

If you’ve spent most of your hours online, you must have bumped into a video of this viral kid who is always seen eating.

He first went viral in 2019 and since then, he caught the attention of millions of internet users across most social media platforms.

On Sunday, November 21, 2021, Antwain Lee Fowler broke the internet again but for this time, it was for a misfortunate reason.

What happened to Antwain Lee Fowler? Antwain was on November 21, 2021, confirmed dead after battling a rare condition called autoimmune enteropathy all his life. His mom, China Blaq broke the sad news to the world.

How well did you know Antwain Fowler? Who are the parents of Anwtain Fowler? What disease did Antwain Fowler have? Read till the end for answers to these google search queries and more.

Antwain Lee Fowler’s Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Antwain or Big TJ
Real Name:Antwain Lee Fowler
Birthday:December 23, 2014
Age:6 Years Old
Birth Place:Miami, Florida
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Parents:Christian Blaq aka China Blaq (mother)
Siblings:3 sisters
Death Date:November 21, 2021
Death Cause:Autoimmune enteropathy
YouTube Channel:AntwainsWorld with 244K Subscribers
Instagram:@_antwainsworld with 592K followers
40 Untold Facts About Antwain Lee Fowler As He's Confirmed Dead - Cause Of Death, Parents, Age, Bio, Wiki, Photos

Check out these interesting facts about Antwain Fowler, the viral social media star who died at just 6 years…

Antwain Lee Fowler Biography (Age, Height, Parents, Siblings, Wiki, Bio, etc…)

#1. His full real name was Antwain Lee Fowler. He was also known as Big TJ.
#2. His birthday was on every December 23, as he was born on December 23, 2014.

#3. Antwain Fowler was 6-years-old whose birthplace was the United States.

#4. His zodiac or birth sign was Capricorn.

#5. He was famous for his AntwainsWorld Instagram account.

#6. He garnered massive popularity for his comedic memes while showcasing his big personality through lifestyle and adventure photos.

#7. His first photo was posted to Instagram in late August 2019.

#8. He has amassed more than 244,000 YouTube subscribers. His _Antwainsworld Instagram account has also gained more than 592,000 followers.

#9. His mother’s name is Christian Blaq but goes by China Blaq on social media.

#10. He has three sister siblings.

#11. He and Rafaella Baltar are both famous adventure photo posters on Instagram.

#12. Born in Miami, Florida, Antwain became famous in August 2019 when his mother went live on Instagram with him.

#13. Antwains Lee Fowler shot to fame with his eating videos on his official Instagram page. At the time, mukbang was extremely popular on Instagram.

#14. The video that made him go incredibly viral was a live recorded video on Instagram where his mother read out a comment about him spending all his mother’s money on food. He responded by saying: “You got some cheese I can eat.”

#15. Another video that made him become an instant meme was one that he looked at himself on the phone while living on Instagram. After staring at himself for some time, he said: “Is that me? Mom, that’s me? No, that’s not. Over there? That ain’t me. I sw*** to God that’s me.”

#16. Since then, he turned memes on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. His images are all over the internet and thousands of memes have been created in his name.

#17. Late 2019, his mother faced backlash for ‘over-feeding Antwain Fowler. But her mum clap back with an emotional response about why she allowed the boy to consume a lot of food.

AntwainsWorld YouTube Channel

#18. He joined YouTube on November 13, 2013.

#19. As of November 22, 2021, he has amassed 244K subscribers on the channel.

#20. With just 35 uploaded videos, the AntwainsWorld YouTube channel has over 36 million views.

#21. His YouTube channel was full of challenge videos, comedy, and vlogs.

#22. His first uploaded video on his channel was titled “Where we bout to eat at?” with 24 million views followed by another video of Fowler dancing titled “Watch me do the hungry dance” which has 4.1 million views.

#23. His most popular or most viewed videos on YouTube are “Where we bout to eat at?” with 24 million views, “Watch me do the hungry dance” which has 4.1 million views, and “Car eating with mom” with 1.6 million views.

#24. His YouTube channel was ranked 124,343rd in the world.

#25. His mom China handled all his social media accounts.

How much money does AntwainsWorld make on YouTube?

#26. In a day, AntwainsWorld’s YouTube channel earns a revenue of $1 – $18 from YouTube ads, according to Social Blade.

#27. In a week, the channel makes $8 – $125 from displayed ads on videos.

#28. AnwtainsWorld earns an income of $33 – $536 in a month on YouTube.

#29. In a year, AntrwainsWorld makes a salary of $402 – $6.4K from YouTube ads.

What is Antwain Lee Fowler’s net worth?

#30. Antwain Lee Fowler has an estimated net worth of $1 million – $5 million, this is according to a report by Buzzlearn.

#31. The report went further to reveal that he has made such an amount of wealth from his primary career as Instagram Star and YouTube.

What Disease Killed Antwain Lee Fowler? (About Cause Of Death)

#32. Antwain Fowler, the kid who famously asked “where we about to eat at?” has been confirmed dead by his mother, Christina Blaq.

#33. The viral Instagram star was confirmed dead on Sunday, November 21, 2021, after battling a rare condition called autoimmune enteropathy all his life. He died aged six.

#34. His official Instagram account confirmed the sad news Sunday, with a new post that seems to have been written by his mother, China. Her message reads, “The pain in my heart is like no other Why God!!!” Her caption was similar … “Never in a million years My heart is out my chest!!!!”

#35. An exact cause of death has yet to be revealed, but it appears his passing may be related to an illness he’s been battling for a while now — one that affected his immune system, no less. It’s called autoimmune enteropathy … which inhibits the body’s ability to absorb nutrition.

#36. According to a GoFundMe page started by his mother, Antwain has had to battle this since 2015 — just a year after he was born. It looks like he’s been in and out of hospitals for a majority of his young life … and has been assisted with medical equipment along the way.

40 Untold Facts About Antwain Lee Fowler As He's Confirmed Dead - Cause Of Death, Parents, Age, Bio, Wiki, Photos

#37. AF shot to internet stardom over the past couple of years with funny Instagram and YouTube posts that showcased his witty banter and big personality. Specifically, he’ll perhaps be most remembered for the one 4 second clip of him in the back seat, asking what was on the menu that day.

#38. There’ve been several other posts of his that have since gone viral — but that one might top them all. He’s gained hundreds of thousands of followers between his various profiles.

#39. It sounds like Antwain recently underwent some sort of procedure to help him gain his muscle mass back, and his mom sounded hopeful he’d make a full recovery.

#40. The boy was only 6 years old. RIP

Antwain Lee Fowler Social Media Accounts

YouTube: AntwainsWorld

Instagram: @_antwainsworld

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