Who Is Veronica’s New Boyfriend On ’90 Day Fiancé’?

Hold Up — Is Veronica from ’90 Day: The Single Life’ dating someone else in the franchise?

To some 90 Day Fiancé stars, the franchise is one big dating pool. And for the sake of drama, we aren’t judging anyone for swapping partners or dating the relatives of co-stars. And now, after the first two parts of the 90 Day: The Single Life tell-all for Season 3, fans have ideas about who Veronica’s boyfriend is.

According to some, it’s a person we already know. Like we said, it’s not uncommon for there to be rumors of cast members finding love with each other unexpectedly or to at least voice crushes on each other. Maybe it’s their way of remaining relevant in the franchise. Or, they just crave the fans’ attention. Either way, we are here for it.

Veronica and Tim from '90 Day: The Single Life'
Veronica and her ex, Tim, are still close.

Who is Veronica’s new boyfriend on ’90 Day Fiancé’?

During the tell-all on Dec. 5, Veronica reveals she has a new boyfriend. And no, it isn’t the guy she started seeing during Season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life. But, given their inability to agree on much, that’s not a huge shocker. Although Veronica doesn’t say who her boyfriend is, fans are certain it’s fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Kimberly’s son, Jamal.

When host Shaun Robinson mentions on the tell-all that Veronica’s new boyfriend will be joining them on-stage, there’s a shot of the mystery man backstage. All we see are his hands, which have rings and some beaded bracelets. And therein lies the major clues fans have clung to that Veronica is dating Jamal. Fans took to Twitter to point out that the hands, rings, and bracelets look just like Jamal’s.

And we can’t say we totally disagree. Although it’s speculation right now, it would make sense. Veronica admits to ex and fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Tim ahead of the tell-all that she’s nervous to be the center of attention.

Could this be because she’s weary of being the subject of Kimberly’s potential wrath? Luckily, there’s at least one more part to the tell-all to give us some clarity.

But it certainly looks like Jamal is Veronica’s secret boyfriend. They both recently shared similar Instagram photos with a similar background and we refuse to believe that’s just a coincidence. And the relationship would allow her to come back for Season 4 of The Single Life.

Will Jamal be in Season 4 of ”90 Day: The Single Life’?

Jamal is no stranger to the franchise because of his mom’s role in 90 Day Fiancé shows and her relationship with fiancé Usman, a.k.a. SojaBoy. And Jamal is a fan favorite, thanks to him being a frequent voice of reason for Kimberly.

So to make the leap from supporting cast member on one 90 Day Fiancé show to main cast member and, dare we say, boyfriend on another show wouldn’t be such a stretch.

If Jamal is Veronica’s new boyfriend on 90 Day: The Single Life, then chances are, he’ll be in Season 4. There’s also the matter of seeing what Kinmberly thinks of the relationship and who doesn’t want to see that inevitable drama unfold?

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