What Happened To Icyy Lyd? The TikToker Mistakes Superglue For Eye Drops

A TikToker went viral documenting her painful recovery, after mistakenly using superglue instead of eye drops.

Content creator Lyd took to TikTok to share a series of photos depicting the aftermath of the incident. “Hospital after mistaking my superglue bottle for my eye drops and gluing my eye shut,” she wrote in text overlay in her video.

In the 52-second clip, which has amassed over 4.6 million views, Lyd explained that she accidentally glued her left eye shut when she woke up and reached for what she thought were eye drops.

The TikToker showed photos of her left eye closed shut while she sat in a hospital bed. The hospital attempted multiple methods to open her eye, including ointment.

“They had me apply an ointment that breaks down and dissolves the glue,” Lyd shared “However, that didn’t appear to be working, so medical staff had to resort to other measures.

“It didn’t work so they started picking at the glue trying to separate my eye,” she said. In the video, a doctor can be seen carefully working on her left eye.

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Eventually, staff were able to “pry” the eyelid open using a specialized tool. “They took me to a private room and used a metal tool to pry it open and finally got it open,” Lyd explained.

She then showed images of her eye after it has been opened, adding that she was in “so much pain” following the ordeal.

In the comments, many TikTok users shared similar stories.

“Damn and I thought my sister had it bad with my mom putting eardrops in her eye instead of eyedrops,” one wrote.

“It happened to me one time, I accidentally grabbed the E-juice for my vape, got to my mom’s room crying, she was sleeping… I’m 21,” another commented.

“Girl, I did this once. I was wearing contacts and the contact glued to my eyelid,” a third shared.

In follow-up videos, it appears that Lyd’s left eye has fully healed now.

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