What Happened To Kara Santorelli? The TikToker Dies In Tragic Car Crash

TikTok influencer Kara Santorelli is going viral after her death, with viewers flooding one of her videos where she claimed she’d never been in an auto accident.

A TikToker has tragically lost her life in a fatal car crash — and she’s going viral posthumously.

18-year-old Kara Santorelli died on March 17 when an oncoming vehicle began driving on the wrong side of the road on Highway 29 in Escambia County, Florida.

The car, a Chevrolet sedan, hit Santorelli’s vehicle head-on, according to a statement from the Florida Highway Patrol. Santorelli died on impact, while the other driver succumbed to their injuries after being trapped in their car.

Kara Santorelli goes viral on TikTok days after fatal car crash

Santorelli’s death has caused shockwaves on social media — but one particular video of hers is racking up millions of views after news of her passing shook her TikTok followers.

The video in question shows Santorelli sitting in her car with the caption, “When they try to call me a bad driver, but I’ve never hit a person or an actual car.”

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Since Santorelli’s death, the five-second clip has garnered over 15 million views and counting… and the comments section is widely mixed.

Some users are remarking on the horrible timing of her video being pushed to their For You Pages amidst the news, while others are making less savory comments about her passing — while still others are offering their condolences to the TikToker’s family and friends.

Kara Santorelli goes viral on TikTok days after fatal car crash

“This was terribly timed. Oh my god, rest in peace,” one user wrote.

“All the ‘this didn’t age well’ comments are so inappropriate,” another said. “Someone going the wrong way went into her.”

“First time I’m seeing her, and y’all are telling me she got into a car accident?” another asked.

Santorelli’s family has set up a GoFundMe to aid in funeral costs. “Kara had the most beautiful smile and the sweetest soul,” a statement on the fundraiser reads. “Everyone that knew her, loved her.”

Santorelli’s death follows the passing of another TikTok star, Jehane Thomas, who suddenly died at age 30 following a series of videos chronicling her issues with migraines.

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