What Happened To Molly Roloff? Details On Why She Might Not Be Appearing On ‘Little People, Big World’

Here’s why you won’t be seeing Molly Roloff on ‘Little People, Big World’.

Those who have been following along with TLC’s Little People, Big World know that Matt and Amy Roloff have four children — and yet, only one of them is still featured on the popular reality series. For one reason or another, Zach is the last Roloff kid to regularly appear on the show. Which makes sense, considering the Roloff siblings are all grown up, married, and starting families of their own.

Still, viewers can’t help but wonder what ever happened to Molly Roloff, Amy and Matt’s only daughter. She hasn’t appear much on recent seasons at all. So what gives?

Let’s take a closer look at where Molly is now — and why Little People, Big World is no longer a major part of her life.

what happened to molly roloff

So, what happened to Molly Roloff? 

Molly has barely appeared in the last several seasons of Little People, Big World, only showing up in family photos around the holidays via Amy’s Instagram. While the reality stars have not openly disclosed why their daughter is no longer captured on TLC’s cameras, it may have something to do with the fact that she no longer lives nearby.

In August 2017, the only daughter of the former reality star couple married Joel Silvius in a gorgeous ceremony at her family’s pumpkin patch farm. Since getting hitched, Molly appears to have moved to Spokane, Wash. with her beau.  

Where is Molly Roloff now? 

According to Molly’s Linkedin page, she currently works as a senior accountant at Moss Adams firm in Washington. And although Molly’s Instagram is set to private, those who follow her brother, Zach, on Insta likely saw that she and Joel purchased a home in Spokane back in April 2019.

“My little sister Molly and her husband Joel bought a house! Congratulations to them!” he captioned a photo of himself, his wife Tori, and their son, Jackson, standing with the proud new homeowners. “We had a great time in Spokane this weekend with them.”

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