What Is Ceaser Emanuel Doing Now? The Tattoo Mogul Was Fired From ‘Black Ink Crew’

VH1 fired ‘Black Ink Crew’s’ Ceaser Emanuel — What is the Tattoo Mogul up to now?

Cast members of VH1’s Black Ink Crew are no strangers to controversy. Over the years, viewers have watched as friends turned to foes, social media insults made headlines, and child abuse allegations came to light. Naturally, it has all worked in the show’s favor to reel in viewers.

However, it appears that the most shocking scandal is centered around the boss, Ceasar Emanuel.

Ceasar’s road to stardom has been marked by some troubling events. He has seemingly faced everything from child support issues to public feuds with fellow tattoo artists.

The mogul’s latest stunt has caused VH1 to cut ties with him, and he’s spoken out to take accountability for his actions. So, what happened to Ceaser Emanuel? What is the tattoo mogul up to now? Here’s the 4-1-1.

Ceasar Emanuel

What happened to Ceaser Emanuel from ‘Black Ink Crew’?

A wise person once said what’s in the dark always comes to light. And one of Ceaser’s skeletons fell out of his closet, which caused VH1 to sever ties with him.

On June 22, 2022, a video of Ceaser allegedly abusing his dog made its rounds on social media. In the video, it appears that Ceaser is hitting the animal with a folded chair and kicking him. As expected, this left a bad taste in many people’s mouths.

Ceaser Emanuel and Teddy Ruks

Aside from Ceaser being read for filth online, VH1 quickly stepped in to deliver the final crushing blow: Ceasar’s pink slip. “We have made the decision to cut ties with Ceaser Emanuel from Black Ink Crew New York,” a VH1 rep told TMZ at the time. “Since next season was close to finishing production, this decision will not impact the upcoming season.”

Ceaser eventually revealed his side of the story. On June 25, 2022, Ceaser spoke with TMZ about the unfortunate incident and shared that he simply was “breaking up a fight” between his dogs and one of the animals turned on him. However, he said he is deeply apologetic for his actions and realizes that “the video looks crazy.”

“Even me looking at it, it looks crazy. But it’s a moment in time I wish I could take back,” Ceaser told the outlet. “I came home, my dogs is attacking each other. And I don’t mean the regular, just play fighting. I mean they was going for each other’s necks, basically trying to kill each other.”

Ceaser went on to explain that he had no intention of abusing the dogs, but rather he was only trying to deescalate the situation by “opening the garage door.”

Interestingly, Ceaser shared that the timing of the video release is questionable, which he feels proves his belief that he’s being set up.

“I don’t know how the footage got leaked,” Ceaser said. “I know that was off my Ring camera … I’ma keep it a buck with you. I feel like I’m being set up in some way because the way I’m being portrayed, that’s not my character.”

In a June 27, 2022, interview with On tha Radar’s Kiotti Brown, Ceaser said that he thinks his ex-girlfriend, Suzette Samuel, was responsible for leaking the video.

Ceaser claimed that since he ended the relationship with Suzette, she retaliated by releasing the video. Ceaser also said that the video is old, without giving an exact timeline for when the incident occurred.

However, Ceaser’s daughter Cheyenne also spoke her piece about the situation. In an Instagram stories post (shared by The Shade Room), the teen claims that the dog video is Ceaser’s “karma.”

Where is Ceaser from ‘Black Ink Crew’ now?

It’s been nearly five months since Ceaser was fired from VH1. And while the tattoo mogul was on a press run of explaining and taking accountability for his actions, it appears that Ceaser is taking stock of his mental health and working on himself.

In an exclusive chat with Distractify, Ceaser’s right-hand man and cousin, Teddy Ruks, shared that the CEO is taking the necessary steps via therapy to conquer his demons and become a better man.

“[Ceaser’s] taking full accountability,” Teddy exclusively told us. “[Ceaser] understands and he’s not trying to hide from it. [Ceaser’s] not saying oh, it was this or it was that like he understands he was completely wrong. And now [Ceaser’s] taking a step back, so like, just basically revenge himself and do the right thing. And he’s in great spirits as of now.”

Additionally, Ceaser’s social media presence over the last few months has given perspective into what he’s been up to. Aside from Ceaser continuing to build his tattoo empire and take on clients, the businessman has been hitting the gym and taking on hosting gigs.

Although Ceaser’s future on VH1 is uncertain, it’s admirable that the CEO is taking the steps to right his wrongs and manage his mental health in an effective way. Hopefully, Ceaser will be able to completely rectify his situation and get back in good standing with the network.

Black Ink Crew: New York Season 10 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.

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