What Is Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Ethnicity?

Freddie Prinze Jr. gets to celebrate his heritage in Netflix’s ‘Christmas With You’.

Ask any millennial who a certified heartthrob was back in the day and we guarantee you’ll hear “Freddie Prinze Jr.” more than once as an answer. (Seriously — if you haven’t seen She’s All That stop what you’re doing and go watch it, and then come back to this article!)

While Freddie isn’t busy being total couple goals with his wife Sarah Michelle Gellar (they’ve been married for 20 years and counting), he can be found starring in the latest Netflix Christmas movie, Christmas With You.

The actor noted in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment that he was happy the film finally gave him the chance to showcase his heritage. What is Freddie’s ethnicity? Read on for more details about how he has dealt with pushback about his ethnicity for years.

(L-R) Freddie Prinze Jr. as Miguel, Deja Cruz as Cristina in 'Christmas With You.' SOURCE: NETFLIX
(L-R) Freddie Prinze Jr. as Miguel, Deja Cruz as Cristina in ‘Christmas With You.’ SOURCE: NETFLIX

What is Freddie Prinze Jr.’s ethnicity?

Freddie is the son of late standup comedian Freddie Prinze Sr. and Kathy Prinze. The Christmas With You star’s paternal grandmother was Puerto Rican, which makes Freddie a Latino man.

The actor noted in the same Yahoo Entertainment interview that he was happy that he got “nothing but love from Latino taxi drivers to business owners talking about being inspired by seeing a Latino who isn’t running from the cops or dealing drugs.”

He explained that during his long career, he has faced a lot of “resistance from directors wanting to check my Latino heritage and see just how much I know.”

Freddie hasn’t done nearly as many films as he did during his 90s/early 2000s heyday, but he explained (via a story from The Hollywood Reporter) that he wanted to star in Christmas With You because his character was written as a Latino and not added as an afterthought when he was cast in the role.

What is ‘Christmas With You’ about?

If you’re in need of a feel-good Christmas movie, Christmas With You is just what the doctor ordered for holiday cheer. Freddie plays Miguel, a single girl dad to Cristina (Deja Monique Cruz). Cristina’s one Christmas wish is to meet her singing idol, Angelina (Aimee Garcia).

Miguel’s daughter is also determined to get her dad some dates (she roasts Miguel in the trailer, saying she’ll sign him up for Bumble because he’s too old for Tinder).

Naturally, Cristina’s Christmas wish coincides perfectly with her desire to play matchmaker with her dad. Angelina sees Cristina’s video asking for the chance to meet her, and decides to go along with it to feel more of a connection with her fans.

(L-R) Freddie Prinze Jr. as Miguel, Deja Monique Cruz as Cristina
(L-R) Freddie Prinze Jr. as Miguel, Deja Monique Cruz as Cristina. SOURCE: NETFLIX

Did we mention Angelina happens to be single too? From the looks of the Christmas With You trailer, it looks like holiday season sparkles fly between Angelina and Miguel (what a great Christmas present for Cristina!)

You can watch Freddie as the adorable doting dad Miguel in Christmas With You, streaming now on Netflix.

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