What Is Green Wednesday? The History/Origin of This Celebration Explained

Green Wednesday is the Pre-Holiday celebration stoners didn’t know they needed it. Read on for more.

The most wonderful time of year is upon us, but seasonal depression has a lot of us in a chokehold. Between grief, family drama, and daylight savings time, it’s easy to feel low during the holidays — which is exactly why hundreds of thousands of people across the country get high.

It’s no surprise that the mile-high city was among the first to legalize recreational marijuana. Since then, more than a dozen states have adopted the law that allows stoners to smoke their weed in peace.

You may have heard of 420 or 710 — aka National Dab Day — but Green Wednesday is the wave this Thanksgiving. Although 2022 might be your first year celebrating, the smokers’ holiday has been around for a few years now. So, what is a Green Wednesday? Here’s the history of the holiday, explained.

Cannabis in jars
Cannabis in jars. SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES

What is Green Wednesday? Everything we know about the stoners’ holiday.

Even non-smokers need a doobie or two around the holidays. The pressure of family dinner looms over many of us in the hours before we get to Grandma’s house. Luckily, cannabis dispensaries across the country have you covered.

Green Wednesday gives stoners the opportunity to splurge on bud without breaking the bank.

Every year, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, weed shops offer budget-friendly deals on a vast variety of weed products. From brownies and buds to tinctures and rubs, plenty of dispensaries offer discounts on all of your favorites.

Woman holding package with marijuana and money
Woman holding a package with marijuana and money. SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES

Many stores close their doors for Thanksgiving, but Green Wednesday gives many cannabis companies a chance to recoup their losses. Plus, stoners have a chance to get baked before businesses shut down!

But where did the term Green Wednesday come from? Read on to find out!

The history of Green Wednesday explained.

Green Wednesday was reportedly coined by Eaze, a cannabis delivery service based in California (per AdWeek). In 2016, the company advertised a Green Wednesday campaign, which offered a vast variety of day-before-Thanksgiving deals. In turn, they saw a spike in sales.

Before long, other weed companies followed suit and cashed in on the trendy tradition. Thus, Green Wednesday was born!

You can learn more about the Green Wednesday deals in your area on sites like Leafly and WeedMaps. It would also be wise to look out for deals on smokers’ accessories!

Sorry to those who aren’t lucky enough to live in a legal state, but you can’t say we never taught you anything!

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