Adele’s Houses: Where Does Adele Live Right Now?

Adele owns three L.A. homes within walking distance of each other.

For most of her childhood, English singer-songwriter Adele resided in the Tottenham area of London. At age 11, she, her mom, and her stepdad relocated to West Norwood in south London.

The 32-year-old “Set Fire to the Rain” singer remained in her native England for many years before deciding to pack up her things and relocate somewhere sunnier. So, where do Adele and her son Angelo live now? Keep reading to find out!

Where does Adele live?

In 2016, Adele traded in her British roots for Los Angeles, the city where every other public figure lives these days. Having said that, Adele hasn’t let her move affect who she is deep down. In an interview with British Vogue, Adele revealed that she relocated to L.A. to improve her quality of life.

“I wanted fresh air, and somewhere I could see the sky,” she said. “Also, once I had Angelo, in England, if you haven’t got a plan with a young child and it’s raining, you’re f–ked.”

Adele during her interview with Oprah on CBS. SOURCE: CBS
Adele during her interview with Oprah on CBS. SOURCE: CBS

She continued, “And the kind of house I have in L.A. I could never afford in London. Ever. No, I looked at houses. It’s like hundreds of millions of pounds. I don’t have that much money at all. I’d throw up.”

Fans of the 15-time Grammy winner hilariously poked at her revelation on Twitter, and one wrote, “I was looking at house prices the other day, and this London place is an actual joke. If Adele can’t afford to buy a house in London, then who am I to even try?”

Adele owns three Los Angeles mansions.

Since her move to Los Angeles, Adele has acquired three massive properties in the Beverly Hills area, all within walking distance of each other. The one she calls home, however, is the $9.5 million four-bedroom, six-bathroom estate. She told British Vogue the house resembles a British cottage, due to her decorative decisions.

The family of three used to live there together, but once Adele and her ex-husband Simon divorced in 2019, he moved into the $10.65 million home next door that Adele bought. Per the New York Post, Adele purchased her third property from her close friend Nicole Richie in May 2021. The plot, which contains four bedrooms and four bathrooms, neighbors her two other homes.

“Combined, all three homes span over 18,000 square feet,” the publication reported.

Adele didn’t leave England entirely — she has a home there too.

Despite living in Beverly Hills full-time, the “Easy on Me” songstress also has a home in London. She described the home’s aesthetic to British Vogue as “very European. It’s like Italian or something. I don’t even want to sit down in it.”

In August 2021, the Daily Mail reported that Adele had paid £11 million ($14.8 million) for two adjacent lots in Kensington. As it stands, the plan is for the singer to build a luxurious residence with “four floors, three en-suite bedrooms and an expansive playroom for her 8-year-old son Angelo.” Plus, the entire first floor will consist of Adele’s massive 1,000-square-foot bedroom. All we have to say is good for her.